Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to all!

Dad, mom and 'lil 'ole Me

Proud papa of twin boys!

Teacher....Loved to teach the grandkids wild, and crazy, dances!!

Loved animals and wild life!

So proud of your horse, Pinta,  but what is with the tennis shoes??
This picture, from your retirement party, reminds me of your love for life!

I miss our phone conversations, I always tried to call you when mom was at her daily grocery shopping trip so we could talk without interruption. 
I miss your laugh,
I miss your zest for life, 
I miss your crazy jokes (never thought I would say that!)..even your electronic toot machine!
I miss the stories that you told over..and over..and over..never thought I would say that either!!!
I miss your magic tricks,
I miss how much you loved your grandkids..
I miss the feel of your hugs, and the tears in your eyes, each time we said goodbye.

Dad, you left us way to soon.
When we meet again, the first question I will ask you (which has haunted me the last few years) is...
Did you visit us, in the form of a red bird, right before Mom died?
I believe it was your spirit.

Happy Father's Day,

Love your favorite (and only) daughter,


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. What a wonderful man.

  2. Well, Shawn, I really hadn't intended to shed tears today. That was just about the most moving, sweet thing I've ever read! My dad is still with us and I want him to stay that way. Forever!

  3. lovely post shawn!!! This is Gina/Bob posting here..
    email me and will explain to you

    hugs n love