Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall=Homecoming Dances!!

First a confession..
I never went to a Homecoming dance.
In my day we could only attend if we had a date!
I remember the lucky girls dressed in their plaid skirts with big Mum corsages pinned on their blouses, sitting in the bleachers watching the football game!   
I'm sure I was envious but I honestly don't remember wasting any time thinking about it!
There was always enough friends to hang with at the games..but we went home after the game while the others went to the dance.

My Grandkiddo's have all gone to their Homecoming dances..
They do not have the pressure of wondering if someone will ask them to the dance because everyone is welcome! I think this is wonderful and it allows each student to enjoy the tradition of Homecoming week!
As Nana to four high school students, I love this time of year! 
I look forward to seeing them dressed up and meeting their friends at parks to take pictures!!

First up was Emma and Jonah!
Emma is our Senior and Jonah is a Sophomore.
This year was very hard on my daughter, she cried most of the day knowing it will be the last time she helps Emma get ready for the dance!
It's OK, Erin, we still have two years with Jonah!

Emma and Jonah  2014

Cousin Daylee joined us for photos!

Next was Jaycie
  Unfortunately I was in Washington, visiting another Grandbaby,
and had to copy these pictures from her FaceBook page!
Jaycie is a Junior this year

Jaycie is on the far right!
Love this picture!

Last was Daylee our Freshman!!

Daylee with her brother Evan!

..with cousin Jaycie!
I'm so proud of these teens!
Each one is sweet, thoughtful and focused on the future!
I'm also proud of my daughters who are doing a wonderful job,
 raising each one to be a responsible, caring and productive adult!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wishing my granddaughter a Happy Birthday!!!!


It's hard to believe that you are turning 15 today!

It seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time
and saw your sweet face peeking  out of the blanket. 
Now you are a young woman and will be learning to drive!!

I'm so proud of  your accomplishments, not only your grades in school but 
your dedication to Volleyball!  
I've seen you work hard, win graciously and face defeat with a smile on your face.

This year 
You accepted Jesus as your savior.
You started high school,
You made the Junior Varsity Team,
You passed your driving school,
You went on vacation with friends,
You blossomed into a beautiful woman whose
smile lights up the darkest room.

When you were little, before you went to bed,
you always wanted your mommy to sing
 " You Are my Sunshine". 
When you stayed with Nana, you wanted me to do the same....
Even though I could not carry a tune in a bucket,
I sang  your song before you would go to sleep.
As you grew older...I was the one going to sleep early 
while you and the cousins stayed up laughing, talking
and watching movies into the wee hours of the morning!
I cherish the wonderful memories we made on those spend-the-nights,
especially the year we tried numerous times to make the perfect cupcake!

You are intelligent, caring, sensitive and mature beyond your years. 
I can not wait to see what the next year holds for you 
and the blessings you will receive.
Remember to keep your Faith and Family close to your heart,
if times get hard, turn to them first.
Remember how much you are loved and how proud I am of you.

You Are My Sunshine,
I Love you to the Moon and Back,

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Blog Hop

Its been a long time since I've blogged, let alone joined a hop but this one sounds intriguing!

The blog is hosted by Retired Not Tired,
If you want to take a look, just click on the button.

A prompt will be posted every Monday,

Today's is : My First Home

I've had many homes over the years,
I've lived in Arizona, Missouri and Colorado.

My very first home was located in Glendale, Arizona.  
I was 19 and my hubby was 20 when we bought a 3 bedroom ranch, built in the 60's,  for $16,500.  Three of my daughters started their precious lives in this home and for the first couple of years it was our dream home.  As the girls grew and toys filled every nook and cranny,  we started to feel the effect of a small ranch.   Soon we decide to build on a bedroom, bath and large family room with a moss rock fireplace.  With the help of family and friends we did most of the work ourselves except the electrical and final plumbing.  I think it took us about six months to completion and there were many rough spots during that time.
This large project put a strain on an already precarious relationship and, unfortunately, we divorced.

I've thought of that home many times over the years/  The neighborhood was filled with young families just starting out and we all formed a quick bond.   I loved hosting Halloween parties, barbecues and card games. I hope each family was blessed with a beautiful life.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Paelo Diet

I'm on the third day of a Paelo diet.

 Two years ago, I decided we needed to be strict Vegetarians to help with my hubby's cholesterol.
We have enjoyed the lifestyle but my fibromyalgia discomfort has increased. My daughter suggested trying the elimination Paelo diet to see if it would help with my symptoms. After much reading, I decided to give it a try and chose the first day of Lent as a starting point.  I figured it would be a difficult transition and, if I was to give up many of the things I crave, Lent would be a great time to put the plan into action.

Here is the plan:
NO Processed food
No Dairy
No grains
No alcohol  (Yikes,  I might need a glass of wine!!)

Yes to 
and Fruit
with minimal good fats

I read the first week is the hardest and baby is that right!
Three days into it and my stomach is churning!
I can have my coffee but it has to be black, no cream or sugar.
I've watched my coworkers eat sweets, while I sat drooling!
I've eaten more green beans than I have in the last year.
I've had a hard time purchasing the meat because I see the slaughter houses in my head.

I will keep you posted as the weeks go by.
Wish me luck to a new....pain free.. body!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A quick hello!

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying your Weekend!
We've had another few inches of snow and, to be honest,
I'm getting tired of Winter!
I can't wait for sunny skies, green grass, flowers
and SPRING!!

Now, this is what I'm talking about!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Today my Granddaughter turns 14!

Happy Birthday


Today Daylee celebrates her 14th Birthday!

I remember the day you were born. 
All of our family was at the hospital, standing outside of the delivery room 
waiting to hear the sound of your first cry!

I can not explain the joy I felt when I first saw you and held you
in my arms!

You were an angel sent from above!

Now you are a beautiful young woman.
You are kind, thoughtful and caring.

You work hard to maintain your excellent grades and
realize the importance of your education.

You have found your niche in volleyball,
I look forward to watching you reach your goals with your
new team.

You are a wonderful daughter to your parents and they are very proud of you.
Even when you have disagreements, as all families do,
remember that they have been through everything that you are experiencing now.
They can be your strongest critics and your biggest champions.
They will always lead you on the right path so trust their advice.

You are a sweet grand daughter and I want you to know how proud I am of you!
I am always here for you....just a phone call away.

When you turned twelve, I wrote you a Birthday post..
Then things I wished for you back then, I wish for you today.


   My hopes and wishes for you:

Always First: I hope you remember how much you are loved!
Remember, friends will come in and out of your life but your family will always be here for you, 
never forget to turn to us in times of need.
I hope you realize what a unique person you are, find your self confidence and let it shine through.
I hope you reach for the stars, remembering that with hard work anything is possible.
I hope you know it is OK to make mistakes, just pick yourself up and learn from them.
I hope you always live in the moment, cherishing everyday.
I hope you always look for the good in others.
I hope you remain strong and do not succumb to peer pressure; be the Leader, not the follower.
I hope you continue to champion for the underdog, as you have in the past.
I hope you realize that people and relationships, not material items, are what is important in life.

I wish for you more smiles than tears,
More sunshine than clouds,
More love than your arms can hold!

......these will always be my wishes for you!

Happy Birthday!!!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

40th Birthday Party!

The Party is Over...

  Celebrating at D Note in Arvada, Colorado,
 with family and friends.

She will not be happy to see this picture..I think it's adorable!!  
Shhhhhhhh..don't tell her I posted it!!

Tiff and her SIL

..and with  her Daddy!

This was a first for me..Scottish Rock band..Amazing!!

My Ex..always the clown..puts his hand in the way of my picture..gotta love him!!

..and a good time was had by all!!!