Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Red Bird

I tried to stay off of the computer but I have to get this off of my mind.

Last night I was going through some of the many pictures  we had loaded on the computer. I came across several pictures from my mothers funeral,  among the pictures was one of the Red Bird. Now for those who do not know the story of the Red Bird, I will try to make a long story short.

Bill and I  traveled to Camp Verde, Arizona to visit my mother, grandmother, brother and his family. It had been seven months since Dad had passed and Mom wanted us to get some of Grandma's belongings out of a storage shed. At that time, Grandma was living in an assisted living home and had dementia. We were having a wonderful visit, probably the best time I had with Mom in a long time. We laughed, visited and reconnected as a family.
Mom, Grandma, Kevin and Debbie

One day we were visiting at Kevin and Debbie's house going through, and dividing, Grandma's jewelry among all the girls. We were all in their living room having a great time when a Red Bird started flying towards the window. This bird was hovering at the window,  he appeared to be looking in at us..trying to get in. He would fly back to a tree then come back to the window and just flap his wings right in front of the window. This was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. We all kept watching the bird as it continued to look in the window. Now, this did not happen over a few went on and on..never hitting the window just looking through the glass.  At the time, I had a very nervous feeling not knowing what to think of this bird. In fact,  to this day, when I think of the bird I get a very strong pit in my gut.

You can see the Red Bird in the tree.
     This bird acted like it wanted to tell us something and it was really giving Debbie and I the creeps! The bird ended up resting on the side mirror of Kevin's truck. This bird stayed at the house the entire day. The next morning it was gone.

Two days later  we were on our way back to Colorado. We were driving through Santa Fe, New Mexico when my cell phone was mother had just been killed in a car accident. Maybe this bird was trying to warn us.
Mom was so happy!
She was now happy in her Grandma role.
Always In Our Hearts
 This cross, made by a good friend of Kevin and Debbie, sits at the site
where Mom had her car accident

This morning I sent Debbie a post on FB that I had found a picture of that damn Red Bird.
She posted back: OMG I have to call you...

Debbie called and told me the rest of the story.

Several months ago she and her brother, Mace, were sitting on the back porch of her home in Texas. She told me that Mace had stopped by around lunch time and they were sitting outside having a glass of tea watching the little ones play. Mace was sitting facing the yard, looked up into the tree and saw a Red Bird! He told Debbie to look at the bird and (per her words) she started freaking out. Mace did not know the story behind the Red Bird so Debbie explained what had happened a few days before Mom's death. After telling the story Mace said " I am going to die, I will probably leave here and get into an accident on my motorcycle."  Debbie told him to quit talking like that and she didn't want to talk about the bird anymore.

Hours later, Mace had a massive stroke. Mace was a very strong man and hung on for three months. During this very difficult time, Debbie went to the hospital on a daily basis to sit with her brother. She told me  she was driving to the hospital one day when, again,  she saw a Red Bird! The bird was flying right above the windshield of her truck.  Mace passed about a week later.
Kevin, Debbie and Mace at Shawn's wedding.

I wish this was not blurry..Uncle Mace toasting the Bride and Groom!

I really enjoyed getting to know Mace during our visit to Texas. He was such a fun loving guy and reminded me so much of Dad..a drink in his hand and a story to tell!  

I  don't know what the Red Bird means in our lives. Debbie and I wonder if it was Dad, her dad or an  angel warning us that we will need to be strong?  Red is the color of strength.                                                                    


  1. That is so bizarre! I have heard of simular stories like this though. It is so neat to see pictures of your mom and grandma! Is this the grandma you stayed with when you were pregnant with me? You all look so much alike:)

  2. Yes, that is Grandma better known as Ma Eve. When I had Erin she did not want to be called Great Grandma so she renamed herself and grandpa became Pa Walt. The were a very handsome couple and she was always dressed to the nines. Ma Eve never had a hair out of place and that is why it was so sad to watch her decline.

  3. She looks like she would have been a very special grandma!!!! I'm so glad you had her in your life:) I know my grandma's have played a special part in mine!!!