Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it 14 days or 13 days??

I added a Countdown Calendar to my blog and it just did not seem to add up. I think we have 13 days, but the calendar was already on 12. So, I changed it up a little but the time still isn't quite right. Actually, I do not think it matters , I just enjoy watching the time tick down!

This will be a very special meeting. Getting to know Wendy and her family is a dream come true. I never, in a million years, thought this would happen to me and I only wish that my family could join me.

I hoped the three Colorado Girls would come on this very important trip but the timing was not right. And, as we know, timing is everything. The girls had hoped I would wait until October but I felt I did not want to wait another minute because to me this will be a full circle event.  I am so grateful that Amber will be joining me.

 I gave birth to Wendy and gave her up for adoption on September 7, 1968. I will meet her and her family on September 4, 2010. There has been a life time of birthdays and holidays I was unable to share with her. I did not get to see her walk her first steps or hear her babble her first words. I missed her first days of school and her graduation. I did not get to hear her tales of fun weekends or hear her feelings about the Man she would marry. I was not at her wedding or there for the births of her children. I have so much to learn about all of these times.

I hope my Girls can understand my need to go in September. I would love Tiffany and Erin to be there but I know it is not possible. I so enjoy being a mother to them and their brothers and we have so many great memories. I was there for all the milestones in their lives and I was there to pick them up when they fell. Always remember, I am still here and I love all of you more than I can express. You are all a gift from God and I am thrilled, and blessed, to be adding Wendy and her family to our family.

With love,


  1. Sorry I didn't explain about the Priest thing. When boys turn 12-17 yrs old they go into the Aaronic priesthood. They do a lot of service to the widows or those in need. Boy Scouting is a part of it also. The 12-13 yr old are called Deacon, 14-15 are Teachers, and the 16-17 are Priests. When they turn 19 they are preparing to go on missions for our church. These programs really help develope character and learn to serve others. This is a lot to understand but I will explain anything you want to know, just to understand how I was raised. In no way am I tryng to push this on you. Its just a very important and special part of my life:) Don't ever feel that you can't ask me anything about it. I may not know some of the answers but I'll do my best.
    The countdown is getting LOWER!! I'm so stoked! Love you

  2. Thanks for the explanation! I want to know everything about you and I know your faith is so very important to you and your family. I have been trying to research the Mormon faith on the net but it is like everything else it depends on the site you are reading.I was raised and confirmed a Lutheran, as were my children. At one point, while living in Missouri, I joined the Southern Baptist religion because in the small town we were living it was the only church. The baptists, in our town, were a pretty intolerant group but they made our family feel loved and welcomed. Also the pastor, Brother Davis, and I butt heads many times over their beliefs. Actually, he would come to my house while the kids were in school and try to persuade me to believe his teachings and I tried to persuade him my way..

  3. A good site to go to is--
    It will explain a lot of things more clearly than I can. I get so nervous explaining it that I get all twisted up! Dave and I respect all religions. We may not agree with all their beliefs but we don't ever bible bash. I'm just grateful you have a love for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Together we will learn about each others faith, what a wonderful journey it will be!!!