Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Album

I want Wendy to know about the new family she will be adding in September. The kids made me a DVD( Amber did so much work on it)  a few years ago for my birthday and I had hoped to down load the pictures on my IPad to bring to Arizona so she could see the rest of her new family. Darn, I did not realize that you can not download a DVD to my computer, it has to be a CD.  Well I have now been trying to duplicate the DVD with pictures I have downloaded in the computer to Wendy's Album! I will then sync those pictures to my IPad!!  Oh My Gosh..I am learning so many new things!

Mitch and Mardele on their wedding Day!
I want to tell her about her Davis family!  Mom and Dad were married for over 50 years, wish I could say the same! They were such a beautiful couple, they liked to party and had so many friends over the years. Dad was a salesman for United Metro concrete and later became their VP of sales.  Mom was a homemaker except for a couple of years that she worked in a doctor's office.

I was born October 23, 1951

  I was born the day after my Great Grandfather, my dad's grandpa, died.  From what I have been told, he was a very proud Native American of the Chickasaw Tribe. My dad, and his family, spoke the Chickasaw language in their home but my mother always felt uncomfortable with it so we were not taught the language. My mother told me that before my Great grandfather died, he told her that she would have a baby girl!  My dad's parents were wonderful people and they loved us so much. I always felt my mom was somewhat ashamed of them and this caused a rift between my parents.  I will admit that they had a very different lifestyle but we sure had a fun time at their house. There are so many stories to tell but I will wait until I learn to scan their pictures into the computer then I will tell you some wild stories!

Dad, Mom and baby Shawn

                My other Grandparents were Eve and Walt Releford. Now, Walt was not grandma's  first husband ( guess the nut does not fall too far from the tree!) but he was her last and the best Grandpa a girl could ever have. Together they were such a fun couple, they liked to have dinner parties, they belonged to a Square Dance club and Grandma was a wonderful baker and cook. They were such wonderful people and it broke my heart when Grandpa passed. He would tell such wild stories and I always wondered what was true and what he said just to get a rise out of me..maybe they were all true!!

Grandma, Grandpa and baby Shawn
           Although my grandparents were very different, I learned a lot from all of them.  By their example, I learned to be a good Grandparent. At another time I will go into stories about all of them..some of my great memories.  Boy, are there stories to tell!!

I hope I am able to complete Wendy's Album because I want her to to know as much about this side of the family as she can.  I only wish I could give her information about her father, but that is not to be. I only remember bits and pieces about the night she was conceived. I wish there was a romantic story and that she could find the peace she deserves, but I know for sure she will Love my family as I do!


  1. WOW!!! I'm part indian, never would have guessed that:) I am curious about my dad, but I really am at peace with not knowing who he is. I am so excited to get to know all of your family! I can't wait to hear all of your stories!! I think we will be up quite late when we see each other. So many things to talk about! Loves and Hugs

  2. You will have to be at peace not knowing who your father is..and I know that is not what you wanted to hear. Hopefully, with time, that yearning will pass. Just know that you have three wonderful sisters, two stepbrothers, a wonderful Aunt and Uncle, and a whole gang of nieces and nephews..Oh Bill and me too!!!!!!

  3. I totally am at peace with not knowing who my father is. I just want to focus on you and my extended family!! I already feel so loved and accepted by all of you:)