Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being a stay-at-home Mom for a week

My time to stay with Emma and Jonah officially started yesterday. I worked until three and the most important thing on my mind all day was to remember to go to their house and not to the Condo. Well, that was not hard because Jonah called twice right before I left work!!  By the time I got to their house, Jonah was watering the garden ( without being asked) and Emma soon got home from school. Now I had to actually figure out what they wanted for dinner.

What do You two want for dinner?
I don't care
Well there has to be something that sounds good.
I don't know
Jonah, what sounds good to you; tacos, salmon chicken?
Emma has been wanting White Chili
Ok, its only 98 degrees outside but Chili it do you make white chili?
Aunt TT knows!

I called Tiffany, she gave me her recipe and off to the store we went to pick up all the ingredients that were not around the house..which was most of them  : ). We came home, kids went to the swim pool and I made dinner. Actually, the chili tasted great but needed more salt ( per Jonah, Master Chef in Training) I am not used to cooking with table salt, only kosher, so I did have some problems with the seasoning. We watched a movie which ended at 8:30 then off to bed!
Jonah and Emma

I read until shortly after 10 with the kitty, Moder, lying next to me. Little did I know that was the beginning of a long night of bonding.
My buddy!

Moder must weigh about 15 lbs he is huge compared to my little rascals.

You can see how he takes up most of the bed!

 During the night he slept on my head, draped across my neck, curled up by my side and woke me up every hour by kneading my shoulder, back or arm. Because he is an outdoor cat, the pads of his paws are rough and each time he would knead my arm or shoulder it felt like sandpaper! When he sat on my head I woke up wondering if he had fleas and if he did would they jump into my hair!!! I checked this morning and he does not have fleas..I don't think we have fleas in Colorado but I am not sure..I know we had them in Missouri.

Up this morning, made lunches then they were off to school. No, whining, dawdling or fighting. They were smiling and in good moods. Boy was this different from what I remember about my kids! I think this will be a great week and I will be so sad when the time is over.


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  1. I"m so glad Erin has you to be with her precious children. It will be so much easier to focus on her race! You are such an awesome Nana, I can't wait for my kids to get to know you as the other grandkids do.