Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Erin!

Today is Erin's Birthday.  My sweet little baby who has grown into an AMAZING woman!

Her first Birthday party with Grandpa teasing her with a cold (empty) bottle on her sore gums!

She was always a happy child and wanted to please the world!

As the second eldest of six, she enjoyed the responsibility of  being an older sister to four younger siblings.

The big sister who looked out for her younger siblings!

Erin excelled in school, made many friends and was a model teenager. She always strove to make her family proud and never wanted to disappoint us!

She grew to be a wonderful young woman.
She married her high school sweetheart, graduated from college with a degree in accounting and they enjoyed traveling through Europe.   After several years of marriage she gave birth to two children ( Emma and Jonah), enjoyed being a homemaker, then had her heart broken by a painful divorce.

Out of the devastating pain, blossomed a stronger woman and mother!  I've always said that everything in life happens for a reason and Erin is the proof.

She is a wonderful mother who encourages independence and  self growth in her children. Erin gives them the opportunity to excel in their interests and is their biggest cheerleader, spending countless hours on the road driving them to all of their practices, competitions and meets! In fact, this weekend she is at Jonah's swim meet in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Along the way, she found a special friend  (Matt) who enjoys her zest for life and traveling.

I always wonder how she ventured on the path of becoming an athlete. One day she was a dancer, meeting us at clubs, then the next she was entering marathons and triathlons.  She became the wonder woman of the family and we supported her during her races. She pushed herself to go further in her sport until she became an Iron Woman, competing in IRONMAN Wisconsin, Lake Placid and Canada.


 She lives life to the fullest and encourages her children, and all of her family, to do the same!
She has more energy than anyone I know and is an inspiration to many.

She climbs Fourteener's with her son and brother, 
and 6'ers (hikes) with her Mom!!!!!

She canoed the Boundary Waters of Minnesota which she, and Matt, will experience again later this summer! They are taking the kids for a vacation of a lifetime!
She talked her mother into jogging, I was in my 50's and had never run a step in my life!. We had run four events together before she encouraged me to follow my dream to run a marathon.  Erin is the best mental coach a woman could have! She always talked me through my long runs..Yes, I called her when I did not think I could run another minute. Her advice was always; "Just keep going forward"!!

I think that is her mantra!  Keep going forward, one step at a time!


From the first moment I held you in my arms, I experienced the amazing gift of love only a mother can feel. You have given me a lifetime of precious memories. You are not only my daughter, you are my friend! We have laughed together, cried together, shared secrets and given each other advice. We have traveled together and I have cherished those times, especially our first trip to New York when I was afraid to get on the subway! You  pushed me to attain my dream of running a marathon and I thank you!  I am so proud of you, and grateful to be your mother!

Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!

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  1. happy birthday Erin!! What an amazing girl! She takes after her Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok I am going to ask you as well to please install a "follow by email" option so that I can keep up with your blog that way. it is MUCH easier than following via blog roll