Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goldilocks aka D

Being the proud Nana that I am, just had to share a few photos of  my Granddaughter.
D was in a play last Tuesday night, which was written by her acting class. The theme was Goldilocks and the Three Bears but the instructor allowed the girls to rewrite the play after stipulating various lines they  had to include.
One criteria was to add the words to Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Another two were "I Love your basket" and "What pretty fingernail polish".
These preteen girls did a fantastic job with the writing, and performing in their version of Goldilocks!
Miss Goldilocks
She is looking at the porridge as the Bears are crawling into the scene.

My princess..
I do not know where these shadows came from...

Yes, I am a proud Nana...and my heart bursts with the love I feel for my Grandchildren!


  1. Ahhhhhhh, you should be proud, beautiful, beautiful!

  2. you have every right to be proud of your beautiful grands!!! Every right indeed!

  3. That's terrific.. I love the hair!

  4. @ Brian and Melody-Mae, yes I am very proud..Does It Show??!!

    @ Leslie..I loved her "hair" too..such a pretty color and so curly! : )

  5. Oh, Shawn, your blog is ADORABLE! What do you mean the shamrocks don't look good?! I think they look GREAT! And your granddaughter is beautiful.
    Big hugs to you,

  6. How wonderful.
    Where did you get the falling shamrocks?

  7. LOVE the new background!!! D looks so cute as Goldilocks. I bet it was a really cute play, especially with the extra lines they had to use. So wish I could be up there to support my nieces and nephews. Some day:)
    Love and miss you<3

  8. Oh the play looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You have EVERY right to be a proud Nana ... she's adorable!

  10. Bless her precious little heart! And of course, she got flowers.

  11. Wendy, I wish you could get to know your nieces and nephews.
    @Karen, of course Nana brought flowers for the Princess.
    @Missy, I commented on your blog as I did on Karen M's
    @nanato4 We Nana's, are a special club of proud women!

  12. Love being a grandma ~ I can see you do also!

    She's beautiful Shawn. She's going to be a heart breaker! I especially love the beaming smile!

  13. She is so adorable and talented too.

  14. Congratulations Shawn, on having such a lovely and talented grand daughter. I agree she looks like you! I love the curly goldilocks--very original idea. Sounds like it was a great and fun play to write and perform in.

  15. She is beautiful! I'm a new follower from the Monday hop. Your blog design is gorgeous!