Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fridays Hops

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1. Author Jessica Park commented this week on Facebook that "Naming characters takes me almost as long as it does to write the book." which led me to start thinking about names. Is there a story behind your first name?

There isn't a big story with my name. My Dad was stationed in Seattle, during the Korean war, and he and Mom were newlyweds when they moved there. During their stay, they made friends with a couple who had a baby girl named Shawna. Mom said she always loved the name but did not want to copy the name her friend had chosen. When I came along, she just took off the A and named me Shawn.
When I was growing up, Shawn was not a common name. In fact, there was only one other Shawn, in our community,..a boy several years older than I was.
2. Do you think parents today give more thought to the names they give their children than our parents did?

Yes, I do think parents give more thought to picking out names for their children. Although, some of the names they pick are a little out there if you know what I mean. For instance, Prince or Princess, are names I would not choose each his own!
I have always loved that my name was different and not the norm for the time. As you know, I have several grand kiddo's and some have unusual names: Yma, Mesa, Chunsi, Mignon, Nile, Meadow,  Jaycien (Jaycie) and Daylee.  I love all these unusual names!!!!!!

3. What is the most unusual child's name you have noticed recently?
 Fred..I know not unusual..but for todays names..very unusual!

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  1. Hello,
    I found you on Never Growing Old's blog hop, and am now following. :)
    I see some pretty unusual names at the school where I teach. I recently had a student (male) named Sage.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and Little Bit. I like this discussion about names. I think parents really should like about what they name their children. My sister and I were named after our grandmothers which is fine but I think it would be more fun to have one's own special name. You have a really nice blog.

  3. We gave our girls family names, but they aren't all that common. There are quite a few unusual names at school though! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the story about your name. My dad wanted to name me Frieda after his mom, who passed away. My mom hated the idea. But, my dad didn't want to budge. Then my mom's father passed away when she was pregnant with me, so they decided to name me after him. His name started with an H. But, I really owe my name to my cousin who came up with it... I would love for you to check out my friday hops....

  5. I absolutely love that cartoon!!!! I am so happy with my questions this week, they have started really interesting conversations!!!

    As a side note, I spent way too much time playing with your kitty, I must be easily distracted today. lol

  6. I love those cartoons too! I see you met Marg and Little Bit. Marg is so wonderful!

  7. HA! You are right - Shawn seems unusual for a girl. And Fred and Mary are different than the unusual names they use now.
    Have a great week!