Friday, February 4, 2011

I am Humbled

I feel so humble, I received another award, this time from Butterfly Flutter.  I have so enjoyed reading her posts and if you want a spiritual uplift, then stop by her site and introduce yourself!

To receive this award I need to share 7 things about here goes:
1.  I craved fresh strawberry pie when I was pregnant with Erin. The bad thing was, my MIL accommodated this craving by making me the most wonderful pies. Needless to say,  I gained so much weight, I looked like a Teletubby!

2.  I encouraged Hubby ( who, because of a tragedy, had strayed from his faith) to join me on a spiritual journey. Two weeks ago he was received, by the solemn rite of Confirmation, into the Lutheran Church!

3.  I love speed. Years ago, I raced my 1969 Bronco in Sand Drag Races! I never beat the Jeeps but boy did I have a good time!

4. When I first graduated from nursing school, I worked on an Oncology Unit. Of all the types of Nursing I have done, that was my absolute favorite and where I am the most gifted. Unfortunately, I came to a point where I could not stop thinking , and worrying, about my wonderful patients.  I took a much needed break and never had the opportunity to go back. Our Oncology floor was closed because more, and more, was being done on an outpatient basis. I loved every person I was fortunate enough to take care of and to this day, they are a part of my heart.

5. When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend.

6. Speaking of being a child, I had bucked teeth and the kids called me Bucky Beaver!!!  Maybe that is why I had an imaginary friend.  : )

7.  Have I told you before that I LOVE sweets?  Last year I gave up Chocolate for Lent. Yep, only chocolate but it was hard...this year I am thinking about giving up all sweets...or wine. But if I give up wine...what about Communion..does that count..or, because it is the Blood of Christ, would..never mind I just answered my own question!!!!!!

OK, now I am supposed to pass this lovely award on, but if you know know what is coming!

Yeper' anyone that reads this post, please grab the award. I love each of you and want to thank you for including me ( little 'ole me) into you circle of blog friends!



  1. Congratulations on your award.

    I like speed also.
    I am really surprised I've never had a ticket.

  2. It was very nice to learn more about you, congratulations on the very nice award! Hey, I knew you were stylish all along!!!

  3. Congratulations on receiving this award yet again!! you sure deserve it! xoxo

  4. I feel funny about receiving an award that was not actually given to me. Soooo congrats on your given award. You are lovely.
    ~Naila Moon

  5. Congratulations on your award. Awesome news on your husband and his confirmation.

  6. Thank you Shawn! Stay warm it is cold out there tonight!
    Peace...Naila Moon

  7. Oh, Shawn, I got goose bumps all over when you shared that your hubby had been confirmed in his faith! My husband did that, too, when we first got married and later, again, at the first Promise Keepers conference in 1994. May God bless you both as you continue your spiritual journey together. *hugs* k PS. Just for fun visit