Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday Hops

I will be linking up with Java.

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1.  Did you watch the Superbowl?
2.  What is the last book that you read?
3.  What is your favorite kind of cake?
4.  Do you snore?
5.  Do you play an instrument
My Answers:

1.  I am watching the Superbowl. It is now the third quarter and, so far,   have been a little disappointed in the commercials. The half time entertainment was pretty good but my favorite part of the Superbowl has always been the commercials!

2.  The last book I read was The Art of Racing In the Rain, and I read the Bible.


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Author Garth Stein
3.  My favorite cake is Chocolate Cake unless you consider cheesecake!

4. I asked Hubby and he said I DO but not often!  I do??...Women do not snore!

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5.  No, I do not pay an instrument but always wanted to play the piano.

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  1. Hello,
    Just hopping by via MMOM. Chocolate gets my vote too and I really wish I had learnt to play the piano.
    If you have time please pop by and Hi.
    Helen x

  2. Hi Just stopping by from the blog hop. Cheesecake definitely counts but that chocolate one in the photo you used looks fantastic. My mouth is watering just looking at it.
    Have a great week!

  3. The Art Of Dancing In The Rain, looks like a fun read, I will have to add it to my wish list. I agree, we women never snore... ; )

  4. ha, love the comment and cartoon on #4. my step dad used to always say " i do not snore, i stayed up all night and never heard myself snore!"

  5. Love the cartoons you found to go with your answers! Better than the commercials last night, that's for sure.

  6. I was disappointed in the commercials this year as well. Though there were three that I totally enjoyed.

  7. I was disappointed in the commercials too! They didn't have to many new ones, most of them was from past superbowls.

  8. Already a follower just stopping by via Java to see what you have been up to. A new baby?

  9. I'm a follower now, please follow back for more mutual blog visits :)

    I enjoyed the performance of Black-eyed Peas last night.

  10. Nice answers!

    That cake looks SOOOOO good.

    I played, too! :D Sorry I'm late. :( Been a crazy week.

    Rebecca at