Friday, February 4, 2011


I was asked by Pam,@EmptyNest, to join this fun award/game thing-a-majig! If you have not met this Empty Nester, you should stop by and give her some Love!

The idea is to reveal five things about yourself then pass it on. The crazy part about it, of these five revelations, four will not be true and you will have to pick out my little white lies!
1. My hubby recently taught me how to change the oil in my car. Last weekend, when we had beautiful weather, I completed this task (by myself) while he stood by giving me encouragement and ready to help if needed.

2. I have a tattoo of a strawberry on my right breast. I got this tattoo in honor of my Grannie (who had a strawberry tattoo on her breast) after she passed.

3. When I was a young mother living in Arizona, I belonged to a bowling league and carried a 198 average. The strange thing about this was; I started this league in May and delivered my third daughter during the last part of the league.

4. I was stuck in a elevator, at work, for two hours. I was going back to my floor after lunch, I entered the elevator, pushed the button for the 4th floor, the door shut, the elevator started the ascent, passed the second floor..then nothing! Did I mention I have claustrophobia?

5.  Even though I can not swim, I went Swimming with the Dolphins while in Kauai! What an amazing experience! They are amazing animals and it was an experience I will never forget.

Soon you will hear the truth, but first I will pass this on:

Ok, how can I pick just Five!!???
This is impossible, I want to hear from all of you!!!!!!!
Let's do this...........if you read this post please copy the award,  post your "truth's" and we will see how far this can travel!
BTW, do not forget to visit the Empty Nester!!!


  1. Cannot wait to find out which of these is true!

  2. Thought I would tell you, I was reading your post when all of a sudden, the cat on your page meowed and I just about a foot! Pretty hysterical! Come by and visit sometime...

  3. I've been here a couple of times trying to decide which one is your true statement....right now, I'm thinking it might be number 2...then again...LOL I might be back later to change my vote!