Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanks

Today I am thankful for my sense of humor!

I had composed quite a lengthy post about a date night with Hubby. In this very creative (LOL) post,  I had included pictures, witty tales about our night, quotes from my Hubby, The Eternal Ocean of Wisdom, and   then right when I was ready to post...woooosshhhhh it was gone.  Lost somewhere in Cyber Space!!!!!!  Gone...No...Where....To..Be.....Found!!!

What a hoot..all that work and all i can do is sit here and laugh!!


  1. Oh no! That is the worst when you put together something so great and then it's gone. The motivation to capture the same thing disappears as well, atleast for me. Sense of Humor is key and it's good that you have one :)


  2. Glad you can life about it. I'd be crying first lol I've also got to say, I love your header photo. That is awesome!!!! Now, wouldn't that be something to wear when our church ladies go caroling to the assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The people would love it! Beautiful Christmas blog. I smiled just coming here. Join up for the Holiday Bliss tour. It looks like you could be full of fun have lots of sharing. God's Blessings

  3. Yep, ya gotta laugh...and you can, that's what makes you special!