Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award. I am so thrilled!

I just received the Versatile Blogger award from Carol @ Facing 50 With Humour, and I want to thank her for this wonderful surprise.

Versatile blogger!

In order to receive it I am to fulfil certain criteria:

Share 5 things about myself
Pass the award to 5 bloggers recently discovered
Notify the blogger recipients
Link to the blogger who gave the award

OK, here goes...5 things about myself.

1.  I do not know how to swim! Yep, me, the one that grew up in Phoenix..the Valley of the Sun. I can    float, lay on a raft, used to water ski..but can not swim a lick!

2.  I am a procrastinator and actually work better under pressure. When I was making junior bridesmaids                                      dresses for my Grand Daughters, I planned out to the last minute how long it would take and I did not   give myself  any extra time. 

3.  I started college when most of my children were in High School and graduated when the youngest was a Sophomore.

4.  I went to Grade School, and High School, with Wonder Woman!

5.  I love going to New York and riding the subway, running in Central Park and walking all over the city!

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  1. Yay, congrats Shawn, I love that you got this award! You went to school with Lynda Carter? Now that is a cool thing to know aboutchya!

  2. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Shawn!!!! You've made my day!!

    So cool to learn more about you. I'm so impressed that you started college after you had kids. I'm a horrible procrastinator as well :-o

  3. Congratulations!!!!

    Have to say those snowmen outfits are HILARIOUS! Your husband is one good sport!

    I think your college accomplishment at a late age is completely AWESOME!

  4. Congrats on receiving the award, Shawn! You are truly deserving of it! And thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me when deciding who to pass it on to! I am honored and flattered. It might take me a little bit, but I'll get my post up as soon as I can.

    I love finding out new facts about my blogger friends and I'm so impressed that you started college when your kids were almost grown! That is totally awesome!

    I love NYC too! You'd think that I would get down there more often, (It's only about 3 and a half hours) but it's getting so costly. Even the "off Broadway" shows are more than double what they were just 5 years ago! I'm sure that the shopping doesn't help keep costs down either! ;~)

    Sorry you've had so much trouble with your computer too. :~( Seems almost like there's something going around the blogosphere. Is there such a thing as the blog flu?? Whatever it is, I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out.

    Blessings, Warm Hugs and Many Thanks,

  5. Congrats on the great award and I loved reading about you!