Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..The Day

Here it is Wednesday, hump day, and the time is flying! I received such kind, and heartfelt comments from Dawna yesterday responding to my blog. Hopefully, by reading the blog, it will ease those first few moments of our first meeting and it will feel like we already know each other.

Confession time: I was pulled over by the police last night while driving Emma home from dance lessons. I had just made a right hand turn..knew I used the blinker..was not speeding..why in the heck was he pulling me over. I rolled down the window and he asked me "Is this your car?' Well, of course it is my car! "Can I see your license, registration and insurance card?" Yep!   I found everything but my insurance card, I did not have my glasses and could not read so I just handed him the papers and let him look through it..I think he got frustrated and handed me the pile back then asked "Is there any reason that you were driving with your lights off?"  MY LIGHTS ARE OFF?? I had no clue. Sometimes when I turn my blinker on I accidentally hit the lights and they turn off but I usually notice it right away. This time I did not! Oh well, the officer probably thought he was pulling over a drunk driver..HA HA HA!  After asking me where I was going he just turned around and left...

Maybe I have been a tad bit distracted but I know my lights were on when I picked Emma up from the dance studio! I didn't even have to pull the I AM A NURSE card..Woo Hoo!

I talked before about Wendy's album and my hopes to complete the upload into my IPad before leaving for Phoenix. The completed album is not going to happen. While updating ITunes in my new computer there was a flag that said if I synch the IPad I will lose anything purchased from the last time I synched. I recently purchased 2 books for my library and am not willing to have them fly away into outer space. Luckily, I have a portion of the album on the IPad which I uploaded (or is it downloaded?) when we were playing around with it two weeks ago. I have most of the pictures I wanted to share but not all, and not in the right order...guess that gives me a goal for the next time we meet.  Like the saying goes Don"t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Tonight Emma has dance lessons, Jonah and I will wait at the condo, pick Emma up, go back home, get ready for bed and then another day has ended.

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