Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, The Day

Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of staying with Emma and Jonah while their mother is in Canada. Time will fly by this week.

My thoughts for today are:

Please God do not let me stumble for words like I normally do when I get nervous (or even when I am not nervous)!
  Example- I had a patient a few weeks ago that had an orthopedic operation. I was giving discharge instructions to her and her husband explaining all the do's and don'ts. I showed them how to use the ice bag and placed it behind her knee: But I said, as I was placing it behind her knee; "You can even place it behind her EAR."  Immediately we all started laughing and I said maybe an anatomy course will help! Now of course, her surgeon is one of my favorites so I had to tell him!  Giving discharge instructions are easy breezy but for some reason that day my words were not coming out right???!!!

Even though I perceive myself to be a confident woman, I still do not like groups of people looking at me. This may sound strange but in college speech class I shook like a leaf! I know where this stems from but that feeling is so ingrained in me that it would take major therapy : ) to get past the shakes!! Hopefully this will not happen, if it does I know everyone will be there to pick me up!

Please do not let me cry because I do not look good with mascara running down my face!! Oh, I will cry. Better take some tissues in case I have raccoon eyes and a runny nose!!

That is it for today!

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  1. I think we will be to busy crying to stumble over any words!! I am buying WATERPROOF mascara just for the occasion!!! I always blunder my words too. My friends have many stories on me:)