Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, Friday, The Day

Today should fly by it is 6:15, I woke up early (15 min. ago) because Jonah is reading a good book and he asked me to wake him early so he could read before school. I do not remember any of my kids wanting to get up early to read unless it was for homework they did not complete the night before!

Last night while were at the condo, waiting to pick up Emma from dance, I was able to work on my album. Our family has had so many good times together and made such wonderful memories that I can not wait to start making memories with Wendy's family. I only wish we lived closer but Arizona is not that far away and when Dad was sick I was going home every couple of months. I do not mind the drive and have done it by myself a few times. Anyway, long story short, somehow I am going to get those pictures downloaded so Wendy can see this side of the family! Times like this is when I wish I had actual pictures and not just the ones I have in the computer. I do have some albums I took when we cleared out Mom's house but they are too heavy to take on the plane. Jonah was looking at the pictures of Wendy's family and said " Wow, you mean we have five more cousins!!".

When I chatted with Hunter on FB a couple of days ago he said he is so excited to go to Phoenix but his dad is a little nervous, which is what Wendy had shared with me a few weeks ago. Since then, I have been trying to put myself in his shoes and figure out what his greatest concerns are. I am nervous but it is more of an excited nervous. At first I worried, like anyone would, what if they don't like me, but I had to get rid of that feeling real fast because I am Who I am! I do not feel that is Dave's feeling. I keep coming back to the feeling that he is afraid Wendy will get hurt, that she will be disappointed after searching for so long. Maybe he is concerned about how I will fit into their family. Well, we are different but so are many family members who have a long history together. Even the children I raised are different but they still love each other. The Colorado girls are so different it is hard to believe they were raised in the same family! I wish I could ease his fears, and concerns, but I do not know how to address them. We will take one day at a time then go from there.

NEWS FLASH: I went upstairs to wake Emma and guess who had fallen back to sleep!

I think I was rambling in the last paragraph, so just let me say, deep in my heart I know this journey is a good thing. Wendy will be the one to decide where she want's our relationship to go. If she chooses to continue, I will be there, if not I will respect her wishes. In the final scheme of things...Wendy's feelings, wants and needs are of the utmost importance to me.


  1. Shawn, you're such an amazing person. I can't imagine anyone not liking you, and the same can be said for Dave. There is no way Wendy will not like you, or any of the rest of us. You are our hero and definitely worth enlarging the circle of love for. It will be an awesome time. All our children would like to be able to be there to meet you; maybe in the near future.

  2. I have no concerns worth worrying about. It's just that I am not a person that's easy to like, though there few people I don't love. I don't know the right things to say or do most of the time. You all sound AWESOME and I don't think you could even possibly hurt Wendy as this has been a dream of hers. Her dreams, though I fall short of realizing them, are my eternal commitment and priority to her. I love her more than life itself and just hope i'm not an embarassment to her this weekend. I am certain that, had you not made the choice (even though it was not entirely yours) I would not have met her or had her in my life. I will be eternally grateful for this. I look forward to this reunion and though ,yes,nervous I'm SURE I will grow to love you even more. I AM VERY EXCITED! See you soon, love DAVE

  3. Dave, Thanks for the nice comment. I know you love Wendy and you could never be an embarassment. As I posted ealier, a lot of times my words do not come out like I hope they will. I worried that maybe I had some dreaded disease, but I read this can be one of the symptoms of my fibromyalgia..anyway that is what I hope and that I do not have onset of 'ole timers! I am a pretty good judge of people and I can tell by your picture you are an amazing man. You have made Wendy happy for all these years, raised a beautiful family..what is not to like. So, when we are in Phoenix, if I stumble for words..just hold on..we can all laugh..and hopefully the words will come out. I write my thoughts a lot better than speak them.
    I am very excited to meet all of you and it is going to be an incredible journey for all of us. Just think, you now have your own Time Share Condo in Colorado when ever you want to use it!!!

  4. Shawn, Dave is to modest. He is easy to know and be around. He is a great son in law and we were so glad that he married Wendy.We are looking forward to this weekend and meeting all of you.And getting to know you better.. Dawna and I have been the so proud to have Wendy in our lives over the past 42 years. She has been a very stablizing force in our family. We could always count on her to be there if we were sick or needed help in any way. She has a great gift in that she is very compassionate and willing to help those who are in need.Both she and Dave are always doing something for someone.We have been very blessed to have them and their children in our lives. Again we are looking forward to meeting you and your family and count you as friends.