Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday...!!! !!!

Today Is Friday, a day of Sadness because it is my last hour as the Stay-at-Home Mom
a day of Joy because it is the day before I meet my First-Born Daughter!!

I've had such a good time with the kids this week and will try to write about the week at another time. They are such wonderful kids and it has been a pleasure staying with them, even if they did beat me in a game of scrabble. Jonah has a knack for putting Letters together and have it end up being a word..and when I challenged him...It Was A Word!! OK, maybe once but so many times I have lost count!

Today, Papa will pick Jonah up from school and they will go on their annual dove hunt with Uncle Shawn and Ryan. Since this is Ryan's first year, his job is to get the doves after being shot..he will be the Go-fer. Emma was the Go-fer the first year she went and now the torch is being handed from Jonah to Ryan. By the way, Emma does not like hunting anymore..she is now quite the animal activist and doesn't want to see any living thing killed.

Emma will be going to Aunt TT's for the weekend. Tiff and Jesse have a function to attend so Emma will watch the kids. She will have a great time as I think they are planning on going swimming.

I did not sleep well last night because Moder, the monster cat, did not come home. I stayed up until midnight waiting on him..(hmm sounds like RC) but he did not come in through his door. Because he is an outdoor cat, he has a kitty door he can come in and out of through the day and then at night, after he comes in, we lock the door so he can not go back out! Last night he did not come in but when I came down this morning he was coming through his door. Well, sure isn't the first time I have lost sleep over a man not coming home. : ). !!!!!!
Moder...coming in after a long night with the gals!

Today will be very busy. After getting the kids off to school, I will clean the house, then pack up and head back to the Condo. I will need to get a check cashed, clean the Condo,get gas for the car, PACK, make sure I print an E ticket, work on the pictures then Bill will come down and we will have dinner, hopefully get to bed early so I can get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow is The Day!! The most wonderful day I could ever imagine coming true. How can this be happening to little 'ole me! I had given up so many years ago (about 21) thinking I would hear from Wendy (Deanna) and resigned myself to knowing I never would. What a wonderful ride this has been, from hearing from the Search Angel until today when I will pack for my trip to Phoenix to meet her. Yes, the nerves are starting to hit and I have been more scatter brained then usual. I have waited, almost to the day, forty two year to meet her. At first, I thought I wanted to make this journey by myself, alone, just me so I could focus on Wendy and her family. Luckily, Amber was wiser and said she was coming with me. Now, I truly wish everyone was able to join us. I would love them to meet Bill, I know they would have a lot in common..we do not know many conservative people in Colorado! I think that is one of the reasons why he likes our church in Lakewood, he gets to have coffee and talk with the men after the service.

Well, I do have a great traveling partner. Amber, my psychology major, will help keep me in check. We will have a fun filled weekend.


  1. Hopefully you will check this before you leave tomorrow! We are going down today, I told Dave I am getting butterflies! The good ones, mind you:) I now wish I would have tried to find you many years ago, but I think it wasn't my time or season. The Lord has directed me in so many things and it feels so right, right now! I can't wait to see you and Amber. Safe travels and see you tomorrow!!!!!!

  2. Have a safe trip down to the Valley. I too have butterflies, but since that is Daylee's favorite thing in the world, then they must be good!! now was the right time..I always say everything happens for a reason so this must be the right time!!