Thursday, August 12, 2010


OK, I had this bright idea that I would give the kitties a bath. I had been thinking about it for a while, they have been shedding and I thought it would get rid of some of the loose hair.  I was at the grocery store today and on a special pet display....there it was...... one, lonely bottle of Cat Shampoo!  It was fate..I had to buy the shampoo!

After putting the groceries away, I picked out my first victim..Cecil.  ,

Cecil. a 6 1/2 pound Burmese, is my sweet little guy with a beautiful, sleek coat that looks like Mink.

Cecil and Chloe

 I warmed the water. put a mat in the sink, and slowly got my little guy wet. He protested ,with some pretty loud MEOWS, while I was lathering him up but I tried to massage him so he would calm down.  He was extremely tolerant until I started to rinse him off with the sprayer..then.. all Hell broke loose. He kept jumping up on me trying to get on my shoulder, he never scratched but I was definitely wetter than he was! I knew I had to get all the shampoo out or it might irritate his skin so this was a battle I had to WIN. I tried to hold him by the scuff of the neck but was having a hard time holding him and the sprayer and I sprayed myself right in the face. Me and my bright ideas!

By the time the shampoo was rinsed, we were both soaked. I got a towel and started drying my little drowned rat! Oh my gosh, what had I done..his hair was curly! I kept drying with the towel but the more I dried the curlier it got! I took him to the bathroom, plugged in the hair dryer and went to work. He really did not like this and the Meows turned to screatches! Back to the towel drying. now the curls were going away but the hairs were standing straight out like he had put his paw in a light socket! I tried to comb his hair but it was not smooth like had been before the shampoo. Had I ruined that beautiful silky coat?

I called Bill and told him I had ruined the Kittie. Bill is so logical and said that the shampoo had washed the oil out of his hair and that is why it did not look silky. My next thought was to rub some Olive Oil in his coat but Bill said "NO..just wait a week and it will look like it used to". Well, I hope so..time will tell! are bath for you!

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  1. What an ordeal!!! I'm sure Bill is right, just wait, its probably like our hair, especially mine it gets really oily if I don't shampoo everyday:( Keep us updated!!! When does your flight come in Saturday the 4? Thought we might go to dinner with my parents if you and Amber are up for it!!!!
    Hugs and Luvs:)