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Fun Times with the Colorado Grand kids!

Each summer I enjoy extra time with my grand children. This started several years ago when my kids were trying to figure out day care for their children during the summer months. At that time, I offered to have the little ones when I got off work on Wednesday nights through Thursday afternoon. Over the years, the schedule has changed to accommodate those that needed a sitter but the one thing that has not changed is; during the summer I have set days with my little angels and we all look forward to our time together.

Of course, when the children were younger it was a lot harder watching them in the pool and taking them places, but as they have gotten older it is so much easier to just load them in the car and away we go! Thank goodness, we do not have anymore car seats. When I have little Sarah, who is four and still needs a booster,  I have too many kids to get in my car so we stay at the house and swim in the pool.

One of the most wonderful things about having the grand kiddos is the one-on-one time that you do not get when their parents are around. I can not monetarily spoil them, but hopefully, when they are adults, they will have many memories of times with Nana. I only wish I would have know about the blogging when they were younger because so many funny things happened  and because I did not write things down I do not remember everything only bits and pieces. Well, better late than never. Now is the time to jot down what we have done this summer and even though this is in my blog it will be a journal for the grand kids to read.

Nana's Angels!!!  Top to bottom
     Emma 13, Jaycie 12,  Jonah 11, Daylee 10, Evan 8,  Ryan 8 and Sarah 4.

Summer 2010

It is now the middle of July and we only have one more month before the kids go back to school. Everyone has enjoyed fun days at the pool, we went to the movies and had a field trip to Hammond's Candy Factory.

Jaycie and Daylee..the smiles on their faces was Priceless!

Emma and Jonah deciding what they want to buy.

Evan could not believe the size of this Jaw Breaker..of course he wanted this more than any other candy at the store!
We were able to watch the workers making Candy Canes..Yummy!
Antique candy making machines
At the check out
Purchasing the LOOT!
July 21-22, 2010

Last night Erin brought over the first batch of kids..Jonah, Jaycie, Evan and Daylee. Shawn soon followed with Ryan and Sarah, then I picked up Emma from dancing at 8 PM. The kids were great, they were all laughing and getting along well. We had sloppy joe's and tater tots for dinner followed by Popsicle's for dessert. Knowing these kids eat frequently, especially Little Miss Sarah, I decided to cut up apples in wedges, put them in baggies (one baggie for each child) and sprinkle cinnamon on the slices. I then stuck them in fridge for them to have as a late night snack. Yes, late night is the right some were still awake at 1 AM. They played, laughed and watched Shrek 2 before finally falling asleep.

 Jonah had said he wanted to go on a run with me so around 7 AM I tried to wake him up. Believe me, he was having no part of the waking up! WE having been planning this run for several weeks and either he forgot his running shoes or there was some other excuse! Sometime this summer I am going to get him on the running path..even though I know he will put me to shame

Since I had all seven kids we had to stay around the Condo and swim in the pool. What a great time they had jumping in to their rings and having races! They even played ring toss Unfortunately,  some of the other kids in the pool used their rings and surf board and we ended up with holes in most of them. That was easy, off to Wallmart where we picked up some new pool toys at a wonderful price.  I love end of summer sales!

Emma, Daylee, Jonah, Evan, Sarah, Jaycie and bringing up the rear..Ryan
Jaycie and Daylee
Playing a game of Ring Toss

     The kids have a great time getting ready for bed at Nana's house. They move the coffee table and throw quilts and blankets on the floor, then curl up and watch movies until they fall  asleep..                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Ok, maybe they don't curl up right away!
This picture is a little dark but they are getting ready to do stretching exercises.
1st Place to Emma!

               July 28-29

Jonah was not able to join us this week because he was playing in a Golf Tournament. The good news is that he took 5th place! Erin brought Jaycie, Evan and Daylee over and I would pick up Emma from dance lessons at 8 pm. While waiting for Emma, the three decided to have a puppet show, Tiffany had made the stage using curtain rods which fit perfectly between my dinning room and the hallway. The show was great, the lines were so funny that I could not  quit laughing..Jaycie was trying to film for UTUBE and my laughing was drowning out the sound of the play.                          
This is their puppet stage that Tiffany made.
The whole cast of characters during the final bow! Jaycie's hand trying to video tape.

At eight I picked up Emma and we had spaghetti, Daylee's request, for dinner then we watched So You Think You Can Dance. This program has become one of our favorites...I can see Emma on the program in 10 years! The next day Jaycie and I went to pick up Ryan and Sarah and it was off to the pool for another fun day.

August 4-5

Time is flying and the summer is drawing to an end. Daylee has started volleyball and Evan's football practice is on Wednesday nights..those two are the first to leave Nana's Wednesday Nights. We miss them but we know that it is almost time for school to start and we only have a few more weeks left. Oh, by the way, Evan made Quarterback for his team!

Amber dropped Emma, Jonah and Jaycie off at the Surgery Center which saved her about 30min in driving time. I had some work to finish and by the time we were ready to leave a big rain storm started. It looked like a hurricane, the wind was blowing sideways and the rain was coming down in sheets! I wanted to wait it out but the kids wanted to make a run for the car..Guess Who Won!  By the time we got to the car, we were all soaked, cold and laughing. Emma turned the heater up in the car and away we went. We had only driven a few miles when it started to clear up, the sun came out and the clouds cleared. Go figure that is Colorado weather.

Just a picture of Sarah touching her tongue to her nose!! This is a talent she is very proud of!
Jaycie's Birthday is August 7th so I decided to celebrate with her on the 5th. I had bought ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes with whip cream and strawberry frosting. After breakfast the girls decided they wanted to make the cupcakes before we went out to the pool.

The Birthday Girl!

Jaycie making her Birthday Cupcakes!

Sarah licking the beater..her favorite thing to do!
            I have a great picture of Emma, hiding  in the kitchen, licking the beater but I will get her permission before I post it since she is in her bikini.                                                          

After the cupcakes were finished baking, Jonah asked me to take a few pictures of him lifting a boulder he had found in our complex.

"Nana, look at my muscles"


         After Jonah lifted this huge boulder, we spent the rest of our time together at the pool. The kids love to have their pictures taken.          
Emma with one of the pool toys from Wallmart.
Ryan playing with a ball
"Nana, take a picture of me diving!"  Emma
"ME TOO!!!"   Jonah
"Now take this picture!"  Emma, Jaycie and Jonah
Jaycie and Sarah. Sarah's bangs are always in her eyes!
Emma and Sarah. The oldest cousin with the youngest!
              We had a great time at the pool but unfortunately our time was cut short because...well I am sure the kids will remember....but What Happens at Nana's Stays at Nana's!!!!   Lets just say Jonah was the police and protector of our group today.

After we went in, had lunch and ate the yummy cupcakes, it was time for the kids to get ready to leave. Emma decided to show us one last stretch and Jaycie and I tried to follow.

Ok, now I know you can not imagine me doing this pose, but I did give it my all and did not fall down...nor did I even come close to the pose! Jaycie gave it her all too.

Summer is now drawing to an end and I will miss these special times. It has been so much fun watching, and listening to these seven wonderful young souls. They have laughed, cried, fought, made up,.....

                                  .............and just been normal, very well behaved, young  individuals.

They amaze me with their insight, their knowledge about science (just have a talk with Evan),  their compassion for all living creatures ( all of them),  their thoughts on social or political views ( Jaycie and Jonah),  their creativity (Daylee) and their love for the arts (Emma, who's progress in dancing is outstanding),  for her beautiful red hair and sweet disposition (Miss Sarah) and for reminding me most of his parent (Ryan, you are the spitting image of your Dad).

I love all of you and am so lucky to be your NANA. I hope we have many more fun days in the sun!

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  1. What an amazing Summer you all have had!! These moments are so priceless. The kids are so lucky to have you as their Nana! Can't wait for you to meet the "new grandkids" on Labor Day:)
    Hugs and Luvs!!