Sunday, April 28, 2013

40th Birthday Party!

The Party is Over...

  Celebrating at D Note in Arvada, Colorado,
 with family and friends.

She will not be happy to see this picture..I think it's adorable!!  
Shhhhhhhh..don't tell her I posted it!!

Tiff and her SIL

..and with  her Daddy!

This was a first for me..Scottish Rock band..Amazing!!

My Ex..always the clown..puts his hand in the way of my picture..gotta love him!!

..and a good time was had by all!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lordy, Lordy...Look who's 40!!!!

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!!
Celebrating your 1st Birthday..

You were a special little girl with beautiful red hair..
You  grew into a lovely young lady who loved to dance..

The years flew by, soon you were in High School..

 Then, I turned around and
 you were getting married!

Tiffany, I'm so proud of You.
You are a wonderful wife to Jesse
and a loving, supportive mother to Daylee and Evan!

My wish for you is that  you will
always be as happy as you are in this picture!!

Dang, You are a Beautiful 40 year old woman!!

 Happy Birthday!


Monday, April 8, 2013

What keeps me busy....

This is what keeps me busy!
I'm trying to learn a new craft,
stressing over the imperfections
but learning something new every time I sit at the sewing machine!

I told Emma, a lot of love 
and several HBO words went into this quilt!

In the end,
Nothing feels better than seeing the smile on a grandchild's face!

I'm making a quilt for our new grandbaby using the Yellow Brick Road pattern.
All of the blocks are sewn,
I need to lay it out ( that's where I'm stuck) then sew it together!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

Today my beautiful granddaughter turns sixteen!

Another milestone for our family!

Emma was a  precious baby,

I could have held in my arms forever!

She grew too fast into a precocious toddler!

The years flew by and

our sweet little girl  turned into a lovely young woman!
 She loves to travel,
Emma showing me one, of her many  talents!!

 is a good student and athlete,

... has climbed a Fourteener!
and run a race with Nana!

Last week she traveled to California, one of her favorite places, to visit colleges.
Can we be at that time already?


In the past I have given you advice on life;
to respect others,
to always do your best,
to enjoy everyday,
to always put family first and
to remember how much you are loved.

Today, I see the wonder of the world in your eyes,
the excitement of all things to come!

I pray you have a life that is filled with love,  an exciting career
and many adventures!


  Happy Birthday, sweetie!

We love you and feel so blessed,  God chose us to be  your Grandparents!

Nana and Grandpa Bill