Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Award time!

Today I received the Good Bloggers Pay It Forward Award from my blog buddy, Mrs. B, @ Go Ahead Take a Bite.

If you do not know Mrs. B, you should stop by for a visit.  I will give you a heads up, plan on staying awhile because her recipes are fantastic, user friendly and Oh so tasty!  Do you remember my post about the cake contest at work?  I found that award winning recipe on Mrs. B's blog.   She also reviews restaurants, talks about seasonal produce and gives you a peak into festivals around her area of the country. Not only is Mrs. B a fantastic cook, she is a wonderful friend, good "listener", has a quick wit and I will always consider her one of my best blog buddies!

Now to receive the award, you have to follow these rules:

1) Name the Blogger who gave you the award.  I did.. Mrs. B

2) Link to their blog.    The link is above.

3) Pay it forward to 5 Bloggers.  

Oh my, now this is always the hard part because I feel everyone deserves the award. So, if you stop by and read this,  know that I want to pass this award your way. Please take it and Pay It Forward!  Wouldn't it  be wonderful if every blogger had this award on their sidebar!

Since it is impossible to chose only five, I will  Pay it Forward to the five bloggers who have passed through my thoughts today.

In no special order:

Carol @ Facing 50 With Humour     

Leslie @ Empty Nest

Sally @ Two Special Wires

Amber @ Are You As Lost AS Me

Donna @ The House on the Corner

 If  you haven't visited with Mrs B or the five I mentioned, stop by their sites and introduce yourselves. 

 Take care my friends.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is having a great day, we have been hanging at the Condo with the fur babies.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love blog hops!

I will be linking up with Dollycas's Thoughts for her fun meme:

Each Thursday I will post 3 questions for you to answer 
that you can copy and post on your blog with your answers. 
You don’t have to be a blogger to participate either. I will be using a Linky List for the blogs to use to participate and follow each other around to get to know each other, but if you are not a blogger just answer the questions in the comment section following the post on your favorite blog. Please feel free to click on the links and visit other blogs too.  

This way we not only get to know other bloggers, 
we get to know our followers too.
I am really excited about this meme 
and hope many more people will join the fun!!!!!

Are you interested?


1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

The only thing I ever wanted to be was a MOMMY!  I can honestly say,  I did not have any grand aspirations for a career. My Grannie wanted me to be a nurse because she had been a midwife on the reservation. Unfortunately, I was a candy striper, during high school, and the hospital smells turned me off on nursing!
I was content being a MOMMY!

My brood, minus the beauty in the blue dress. The bride is my sweet DIL!
This picture was taken one year before my Birth daughter found me!

2. Did you go to college?
Yes, I went to College when most of my kiddo's were in high school. Boy was that a challenge!  My middle two graduated from high school the year I graduated from college. My Grannie did not live to see me graduate but I know she was looking down from above!
Yep, I am a nurse!

3. Do you attend your high school or college reunions?

The first reunion I attended was in 2009, my 40th High School Reunion!
I was not in the in-crowd during high school but I had a large group of friends. Unfortunately, many of those friends did not attend the reunion.

They had all been before and swore they would never go back. I, on the other hand,  wanted to experience a high school reunion. When I heard about the 40th, I signed up and added Hubby to the list.  

Actually, we had a pretty good time. The Friday night cocktail mixer was so much fun and I reconnected with many people from my grade school. 
If we go again, I think we would skip the dinner dance. Way too expensive for what was served. I would rather go out for a nice dinner as some of my classmates did. 

I believe the next reunion will be in 2014. Will I go, that remains to be seen. I will use any excuse to go back to Phoenix!

Two of my buddies from grade school!
Hard to believe it had been so long since I had seen these friends!

Hope you have a great Weekend!

Be careful what you wish for...

Yes, this is the comment I received when I last posted about our local weather.  We desperately needed a rain dumper, I got what I wished for but now it will not go away! The skies have been gloomy with rain, hail and tornado sightings!

This is what a came home to yesterday,

Hail..not snow!
OK, enough is enough!
Good moisture for the grass!

For now, I am going to wish for the return of Sunshine!

photo from clipart.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to Hitch a Ride on the Tuesday Train

I will be linking up with Donna @ The House on the Corner


Happy Monday!

I finally picked up our computer but I must say it is not working perfectly. Luckily, it is still under warranty and I will probably take it back for another tune-up soon.

How was your weekend? I hope it was fun, relaxing and you were able to enjoy some quality family time.
Although I did not get a lot done (cleaning), I had a great weekend and it just flew by!

Friday night I wasn't feeling up to parr, and wanted to stay home, so  Hubby went to Ft. Collins to meet our friends for a night of dancing.
Saturday morning I got up early,  ran 7 miles, went shopping then came home and collapsed! Hubby came back to the Condo Saturday afternoon,  right before I left to meet three of my girls for a belated Mother's Day celebration.

Our celebration was fantastic! I just love getting together with my daughters for a night out, no kiddo's, just us so we can catch up, laugh, tell our secrets and just be plain silly!

Like last year, we decided to get a pedicure before we went out to dinner.  We met at the nail salon and thoroughly enjoyed all the pampering we received.
My youngest!

Oldest and the Middle 

Now, I know Middle daughter will have a conniption because I put her picture on here. She had been at her son's baseball tournament all day and "her hair wasn't done".. Oh well,,I think she is beautiful all the time!
No I do not have big boobs, my blouse was puffed out!
Youngest getting the Works! Yes, that is a cute tattoo.

My Piggy Toes....too cute!

After our pampering, we went out for Mexican food. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun talking, I forgot to take any pictures.  Wish I had pictures of the food, just know, it was delicious!

Now for the best part! I opened my card, from these three girls and their brother, and could not believe what they had done. First, I must say, it was way too much as usual!  The gift was an airplane ticket, with rental car and hotel, to Las Vegas for my grand daughter's wedding!

If you have been reading my blog from it's beginning, you know that my Birth Daughter, Wendy,  found me last Memorial Day weekend.   I had to give her up for adoption when I was sixteen years old.  Along with Wendy, I gained her wonderful Hubby and five new Grand Kiddo's!  On June 3rd, the eldest, Summer will be married to her sweetie.  Now, thanks to my thoughtful kids, Hubby and I will be attending her special day.

The gift was such a surprise and I can not thank them enough! Also,  Tiff will be taking care of Winston and Erin will stop by and make sure the cats are OK.

On Sunday Hubby and I went to church, picked up the computer then I went to Em's  dance program.
Before the program..the Mattster peaking between two beauties!
Nothing is better than Grand Kiddo's!

Her dance studio collaborated with another studio to put on a dance event with the proceeds going to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  If you do not know about Matthew, he was a promising young man who was killed thirteen years ago, a victim of a hate crime. The crime was horrific and  is one that will never be forgotten.
The dancers put on an amazing performance and I am sure they all felt good performing for such a worthy cause.  The logo for their program was  Erase Hate!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if someone would wave the magic wand..and all HATEwas ERASED!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was so happy to see the lightening and rain Tuesday night. The weather has been so dry on the Front Range, we desperately needed a good soaking and hopefully this would be the time. Several times I woke up during the night and could hear the rain drops hitting the bedroom window.

Wednesday morning, it was still raining!  Now remember, we do not have a lot of rain in Colorado but I did get an umbrella a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I could not remember where I put the darn thing. I knew I had put it somewhere that, at the time, I knew was not a wise idea..but where was it?

It took me 15 minutes, out of my precious time, to find it...in the sewing cabinet!  Don't ask!
Anyway, I got to work..On time..and the rain continued all day.  And all night!

It Is Still Raining!!!!  Ok, enough is enough!
Today, the day I was supposed to run,
The day I wanted to make up for the bad run last Saturday!



Puddles everywhere.

I can hear the birds chirping, and it is finally down to a hard sprinkle. Tomorrow, when the sun comes out, the grass will green up and it will be another beautiful Colorado day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday Hop

I can not believe the weekend is over.  : ((  One good thing, it is time to link up with Java @ Never Growing Old

Java will add a linky so we can follow who participates and get to know them  better!!  Be sure to link the POST and not just your whole blog!!

Meet Me On Monday

Question #2 compliments of Hilary at Feeling Beachie!!

If you have a question suggestion please email me at: nevergrowingold@hotmail.com and if I use your question I will give you a shout out!  


1.  What is your favorite kind of muffin?
       My favorite muffins are Blueberry.  I must say, the ONLY way I like blueberries are in muffins.

2.  What was the first car you ever owned?
      Hmmm, boy that was a long time ago! My first car was a Pinto. My  
      brothers would not ride with me because they were afraid the gas 
      tank would explode.
3.  Which TV Show were you sad to see end?
      That is a toss up between Cheers and M.A.S.H. I will have to go with
      M*A*S*H Poster
 4.  What is your lucky number?
       I don't have a lucky number.
Some would say this is unlucky, that is the day my grandson (R) was born!
 5.  Pretzels or Potato Chips?
      Right now, I have been on a pretzel kick. I tell myself they are less fattening..so I can eat more!
    Bunch Of Pretzels