Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Teenager in the family!

Yes, another teenager in the family!

Today,  Jonah turns thirteen!

.......Jonah's first Birthday,

.....he was the Brave Lion for Halloween,

.....he enjoyed a Fall Festival at Ellis Ranch,

....was never afraid to try something new,

....growing up and very independent,

....always the comedian of the family,

....our musician, now a young man!


First, and foremost, I hope you know how much you are loved!

I hope you always strive to be the best you can be.

I hope you always look for the good in others.

I hope you cherish every moment.

I hope you reach for the stars, with hard work anything is possible.

I hope you remain the kind, loving and thoughtful person you have always been.

I hope you remember that while material things are nice, what's important in life can not be bought.
Faith, Family, Love, Integrity...are priceless.

You will make many friends, but remember to always put your family first.

You will face many choices during your teenage years, do NOT be a follower..BE the leader, you know what is right.

In times of need, turn to your family, we will be here for you.

You have always been generous with your love..and hugs..don't change!!

We wish you a Happy Birthday,


Nana and Grandpa Bill

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring brings a new season of sports!

Time seems to be flying by! 
Spring is here and the weather has been beautiful!

In a few weeks, this is what I will see out of my window!

Today I had lunch with my lovely daughter's!
I cherish our time together;  laughing, solving all of the world's problems,
sharing our deepest feelings and just enjoying the friendship of these beautiful women!

After lunch I did a little shopping then drove to Miss E's high school
to watch the Stanley Lake vs. Legacy Tennis Match!
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This is Miss E's first year playing tennis.
For some unknown reason, she said she wanted to play,
signed up for a clinic, and joined her high school team.
She loves the game!
This young woman is the first grandkiddo to play tennis.
 To say the least, I was quite surprised when I heard she wanted to play and very proud of her for taking the initiative to make it happen.

This time of the year is filled with soccer, swimming and baseball, now we will add tennis. I enjoyed watching her play and, who knows, maybe I will take a few lessons? Actually, I attempted to play years ago but always hit the ball too hard!

It sure wasn't easy taking pictures through the fence but
I hope you enjoyed the Smilebox!

Miss E, and her doubles partner, won their match! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Congratulations Jonah!!

Ok, here I go again!
Just have to do it!
I'm one proud Nana!

Jonah, our soon-to-be newest teenager, swam in the Colorado State 2012 Swim Meet!
Swim clubs from all around the state met in Ft. Collins for this event March 2-4.
Jonah has worked so hard these last few months to improve his technique, and it payed off!
He won 1st Place, in his age group, for the 500 Freestyle!!!!

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Jonah, We are so proud of you. You put in the hard work, and had the determination, to reach your Goal!  Well Done!

Nana and Grandpa Bill