Sunday, September 25, 2011


Our Family has reached a new Milestone, Miss E's first Homecoming!

I remember Homecoming when I was in High School. We wore skirts and sweaters and our dates bought us huge Mum corsages, that is IF you were asked to the dance.  Back in my day, No Date...meant you stayed home and did not experience the Homecoming Dance. Many girls, including myself, spent at least one year sitting home longing for a boyfriend.    Thank goodness times have changed!!!!!

Now, everyone can attend the dance!

Miss E was the event planner for her group of friends. This organized young woman wrote a timeline, made dinner reservations and asked her girlfriends to meet at her house to get ready so the day would go smoothly. They laughed, put on their makeup, fixed their hair and laughed some more. These young ladies were transformed into beautiful Princesses, all in stunning dresses with jewelry, and shoes, to compliment their outfits!  Imagine getting a group of teenage Girl's ready, and out the door, for pictures...They did it..On TIME!

After they finished Primping, we walked to the park where the other parents met us for a Photo Shoot. After pictures, they were off to the Olive Garden for their pre-dance dinner.  Only two of these girls had dates, the others were just enjoying being girlfriends without the pressure of a Date! How refreshing to see these lovely ladies having the time of their lives, making special memories.

Miss E is the 2nd from the right

Miss E and her Daddy
Mom and Daughter

Yep, that's me..trying to grow my hair out gray and having a tough time with the process!
I can not wait to hear how the night went for the lovelies!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!

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Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!

If any of you have been following since the inception of this blog, you  know that I started it after Wendy, my Birth Daughter, located me through a Search Angel at the end of May 2010.

I was fortunate enough to travel with Amber, my youngest, to Phoenix last year to meet Wendy and her family.  I spent her Birthday with first.. her 42nd!

My thoughts on that "First" Birthday

 So many memories I don't hold in my heart,
so many milestones I missed,
so many years of life I was not there for her.

We will have new memories to make,
Milestones to reach,
...and many years of life that I will be here for her!

Our First day together!

Me, Wendy and Amber!

Her wonderful Mother,  I could never thank her enough!
Her Awesome Dad!

Wendy is an amazing Woman! 
She is a wife, a mother of five, a leader in her Church and a  go getter!  
Wendy's smile lights up a room and she has such a sweet spirit that radiates from her!
Her laugh is infectious and she has the same nose wrinkle, while laughing, that I have!

Since our first meeting, we have been able to make a memory and share a milestone. Hubby and I attended the wedding of Wendy's daughter, Summer!  

Another Milestone for Wendy was meeting my Brother, his wife and some of their children!

Uncle Kevin, Aunt Debbie and the Davis Clan meet

Wendy, Dave and the Skousen Seven -minus one!


I hope you have a wonderful Birthday,

I pray that each year is easier than the last,

I Wish For You

More Sunshine than Clouds,

 More Laughter than Tears,

More Hugs than your Arms can hold!

Love You,
Mom Shawn

"Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years."