Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with fun, family and relaxation!

Here is a picture of Miss E, in scrubs,  for her "Shadow on the Job" last Tuesday.

Looks like we have a future MD in the family!

She loved her day observing surgeries.........

.....Mega College we come!!!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

Today is the 39th birthday of my middle daughter..

the daughter who never wants her picture taken..

but, as you will see, she is beautiful and I'm so blessed..

 God chose me to be her Mother!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

For the Over 40 Crowd

I'm linking up with Java @ Never Growing Old for her fun Friday Hop! Welcome back, Java!!

Baseball season is here!!

Two sports are very difficult for me to photo, Tennis and Baseball.

I sit behind the 1000 foot high fencing, trying to get pictures of my grandkiddo's,  wondering if I can get ONE good shot through the links.
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get the good shots so  I have resigned myself to being satisfied with ANY picture..Any little glimpse of my cuties!

Geeeesssssh what is more important, the safety of the spectators..or Nana's photography????

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update on the Grandkiddo's!

Today I have two stories to brag tell you about!


Last night we had the honor of witnessing our Granddaughter, Daylee, receive a Recognition Award from the Arvada City Council.  
All sixth graders, in the Arvada District, were asked to write and essay entitled "What a Difference I will Make".   From the 326 essays submitted, ten were chosen to receive recognition at the council meeting. We are so proud that Daylee's essay was a top ten finalist from all the entries!

Daylee and her teacher, Miss McLean
Receiving the award

The Winners!!!!!! a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble

After the ceremony

The proud family!

Congratulations sweetie..

Nana and Grandpa Bill

 ~ EVAN~

Next, my youngest grandson, Evan, went turkey hunting with his Papa Collins.  I must admit, I'm not a  fan of hunting,  I feel Bambi needs to be left in the forest.  That being said, if there was a national disaster and we had to forage for food......our family could manage to put a meal on the table

Last fall, with the encouragement of their grandpa,  Evan and his cousin, took their Hunter Safety Course.   His Papa   (my ex)  is a true Daniel Boone and the craftiest hunter I know....and I come from a long line of hunters.  He has been teaching the grandchildren his art of hunting, and fishing, by taking them on fun, manly man, adventures!  Last weekend he took Evan to Nebraska for his first weekend hunt.

Evan told the story of setting up a blind, sitting for an hour while Papa used his turkey call to lure the turkeys to them and...this is where Nana did not want to hear the rest of the story.  Evan "bagged" a turkey with one shot.  A pure koinkydink that probably couldn't be replicated in a gazillion years.  To see the look of pride on Evan's face, was worth the graphic details of his first hunt!!

RIP Sweet Turkey's

Congratulations to our Eagle Eye,

Nana and Grandpa Bill

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Miss E!!!!!!!

I still remember every moment of that early morning this precious life came into our family.

Erin's labor started the evening of April 1, 1997..a cold and snowy night.

Our entire family sat in the hospital waiting room,  anxiously anticipating the arrival of the baby.

The gender would be a surprise and we were so excited to meet this new life~

....then a beautiful baby girl was born, she was named Emma~

...My heart melted when I held this new life~

...I had the honor of making the family baptismal gown, Emma was the first to wear it~

... she grew and celebrated birthdays~

...and Holidays~


...she learned to bake~

...and swim~

..and dance~

...and blossomed into the beautiful young woman she is today!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl..


I am so proud of the woman you have become.
You are loving,  kind,  gentle and you have a beautiful, sweet spirit.

I hope you continue on this path of self awareness,
 learning new things and experiencing new adventures!

I was so proud when you joined the tennis team
and wrote a paper to be submitted on a national level.
You are not afraid of spreading your wings.

You made the decision to leave the dance world, and all the friends you had made,  to enjoy a well rounded high school experience. That one decision, showed maturity beyond your years.

I hope you remember to put Faith as a top priority in your life. With Faith, all things are possible!

I hope you continue to reach for the stars.  Emma, you have the potential to do great things in your lifetime. Always strive for excellence, put in the hard work and the world is yours!

I hope you know the importance of being an independent woman.
You must be able to take care of yourself, before you can take care of others.
Enjoy, and savor, each stage of your life.

Always remember your family will be here for you, in the good times and bad. Yes, there will be bad times but remember to face them head-on and with grace.
Always seek out the advice of your family who know you, and love you, the best!!

I hope you continue to be a leader. Always look into your heart to find the right answers.  If you stick with your morals, and convictions, they will never lead you down the wrong path.

I wish for you more sunshine than clouds,
more laughter than tears.

Remember to laugh every day.
Remember to love deeply.
Remember, beauty comes from within.
Remember to respect all living creatures, even bee's!
But most of all, Always remember how much you are loved.

We Love you,

Nana and Grandpa Bill