Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wishing my granddaughter a Happy Birthday!!!!


It's hard to believe that you are turning 15 today!

It seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time
and saw your sweet face peeking  out of the blanket. 
Now you are a young woman and will be learning to drive!!

I'm so proud of  your accomplishments, not only your grades in school but 
your dedication to Volleyball!  
I've seen you work hard, win graciously and face defeat with a smile on your face.

This year 
You accepted Jesus as your savior.
You started high school,
You made the Junior Varsity Team,
You passed your driving school,
You went on vacation with friends,
You blossomed into a beautiful woman whose
smile lights up the darkest room.

When you were little, before you went to bed,
you always wanted your mommy to sing
 " You Are my Sunshine". 
When you stayed with Nana, you wanted me to do the same....
Even though I could not carry a tune in a bucket,
I sang  your song before you would go to sleep.
As you grew older...I was the one going to sleep early 
while you and the cousins stayed up laughing, talking
and watching movies into the wee hours of the morning!
I cherish the wonderful memories we made on those spend-the-nights,
especially the year we tried numerous times to make the perfect cupcake!

You are intelligent, caring, sensitive and mature beyond your years. 
I can not wait to see what the next year holds for you 
and the blessings you will receive.
Remember to keep your Faith and Family close to your heart,
if times get hard, turn to them first.
Remember how much you are loved and how proud I am of you.

You Are My Sunshine,
I Love you to the Moon and Back,

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