Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall=Homecoming Dances!!

First a confession..
I never went to a Homecoming dance.
In my day we could only attend if we had a date!
I remember the lucky girls dressed in their plaid skirts with big Mum corsages pinned on their blouses, sitting in the bleachers watching the football game!   
I'm sure I was envious but I honestly don't remember wasting any time thinking about it!
There was always enough friends to hang with at the games..but we went home after the game while the others went to the dance.

My Grandkiddo's have all gone to their Homecoming dances..
They do not have the pressure of wondering if someone will ask them to the dance because everyone is welcome! I think this is wonderful and it allows each student to enjoy the tradition of Homecoming week!
As Nana to four high school students, I love this time of year! 
I look forward to seeing them dressed up and meeting their friends at parks to take pictures!!

First up was Emma and Jonah!
Emma is our Senior and Jonah is a Sophomore.
This year was very hard on my daughter, she cried most of the day knowing it will be the last time she helps Emma get ready for the dance!
It's OK, Erin, we still have two years with Jonah!

Emma and Jonah  2014

Cousin Daylee joined us for photos!

Next was Jaycie
  Unfortunately I was in Washington, visiting another Grandbaby,
and had to copy these pictures from her FaceBook page!
Jaycie is a Junior this year

Jaycie is on the far right!
Love this picture!

Last was Daylee our Freshman!!

Daylee with her brother Evan!

..with cousin Jaycie!
I'm so proud of these teens!
Each one is sweet, thoughtful and focused on the future!
I'm also proud of my daughters who are doing a wonderful job,
 raising each one to be a responsible, caring and productive adult!

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  1. Shawn
    What beautiful, darling children. You have a family to be proud of and parents/grandparents give the kids so much support now.
    I didn't know you are back blogging again. Thanks for stopping and giving me "the nudge." It's good to see you.