Monday, April 8, 2013

What keeps me busy....

This is what keeps me busy!
I'm trying to learn a new craft,
stressing over the imperfections
but learning something new every time I sit at the sewing machine!

I told Emma, a lot of love 
and several HBO words went into this quilt!

In the end,
Nothing feels better than seeing the smile on a grandchild's face!

I'm making a quilt for our new grandbaby using the Yellow Brick Road pattern.
All of the blocks are sewn,
I need to lay it out ( that's where I'm stuck) then sew it together!



  1. It's fabulous! Birdie taught herself to quilt while in grad school in Texas and she just finished a Christmas quilt for me. I love it! There's just nothing more special than a quilt made especially for you with love. I know how your lovely Emma feels!

  2. How beautiful and a fun thing to learn. Well done.

  3. I love to quilt. It takes a lot of time but is so nice in the end. Your quilt is beautiful.

  4. beautiful
    love the line - several HBO words

  5. I have zero crafting skills, I leave it all to my sister, Martha Junior.