Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

Today my beautiful granddaughter turns sixteen!

Another milestone for our family!

Emma was a  precious baby,

I could have held in my arms forever!

She grew too fast into a precocious toddler!

The years flew by and

our sweet little girl  turned into a lovely young woman!
 She loves to travel,
Emma showing me one, of her many  talents!!

 is a good student and athlete,

... has climbed a Fourteener!
and run a race with Nana!

Last week she traveled to California, one of her favorite places, to visit colleges.
Can we be at that time already?


In the past I have given you advice on life;
to respect others,
to always do your best,
to enjoy everyday,
to always put family first and
to remember how much you are loved.

Today, I see the wonder of the world in your eyes,
the excitement of all things to come!

I pray you have a life that is filled with love,  an exciting career
and many adventures!


  Happy Birthday, sweetie!

We love you and feel so blessed,  God chose us to be  your Grandparents!

Nana and Grandpa Bill


  1. Happy birthday, Emma! Hope you have a wonderful day! Take care

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.

  3. I was hoping to get a peek at the Sweet Sixteen Celebration! What a lovely collection of photos and sentiments. What a lovely family.

    Sending our birthday best wishes,

  4. Oh, Shawn... She's just beautiful! (looks just like her Nana) Your lovely tribute is just further proof of how proud you are of her and how much she is loved. Congrats to your Emma and to you too, for being such a bright, encouraging light in her life! Hope all is well with you and that you've been having a wonderful Spring so far. XO, Mary