Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today would have been my dad's 85th Birthday!

He loved my mother
 and worked hard to support his family.
Baseball was his passion, he coached many young boys from little league 
through their high school years.

Mitch was
always the life of the party!

Every weekend he made the best pot of Pinto Beans that I have never been able to replicate!

His favorite dessert was Coconut Cream Pie.  He would love to know that my brother, and his family, always serve it on the anniversary of his death.

He, loved to do magic tricks, play jokes and teach the grands things he shouldn' riding bareback 
 and standing up on the back of the horse. Or encouraging a grandson to do a flip over a 5' fence. Well, maybe not encouraging but telling the crazy teen who suggested it to "go ahead"..and the crazy kid did! 
And you wonder why I have gray hair!!!

To the Man who enjoyed life to the fullest,

 Happy Birthday, Dad!

Gone but never forgotten!

Your daughter