Thursday, January 5, 2012



Do you make them and, if so, do you keep them?  Usually people want to lose weight, save money, be kinder, travel more..and the list goes on and on!

Knowing I will not keep them, I rarely make resolutions. Oh, I start out with the best of intentions but soon, when life gets in the way,  the resolution is put aside, saving it for another year!

As  mentioned in an earlier post, the Becker's have vowed to work on a healthier lifestyle. Is this a resolution? Yes, you could say it's a resolution. Will I keep the resolution....only time will tell.

I have decided to give our new plan, at the very least, three months but shoot towards six. Heck, if I can give up chocolate for Lent, giving up foods, that could be the cause of some of my minor health issues, should be easy.

My plan eliminates gluten, red meat, chicken and fish. Hubby wants to include fish so that is still up for debate.  This will be a challenge until I learn new recipes and cooking styles. So far, I have made a few tasty soups, salads and veggie main dishes. Unfortunately, today everything I attempted will probably end up in the garbage can!!


Just had to post this picture, my Dad would have loved it!

So, did you make any resolutions?


  1. You'll be amazed at how quickly you become addicted to the changes! I'm here for you if you need me! You can do this! And your body will reward you greatly!

  2. I agree with emptynester... it becomes a change of life... LOVE the new picture!

  3. Good luck. Can't wait to see how you do. All the best.

  4. LOL!! I've been a veggie since I was 17 and have found a wealth of vegetarian and healthy recipes from cookbooks, friends, cookery shows etc that are so yummy I truly don't miss meat, fish etc.

    Good luck with your new healthy diet!! So long as you both continue to enjoy food and life! :-)

    I've so given up on resolutions! I never keep them! LOL! Take care

  5. @EmptyNester, I'm sure I will be seeking your advice and thanks for your support!

    @ Hilary, I am already feeling a change inside my body and hope to kick Fibromyalgia in the butt..gessh it's only been 15 years! LOL

    @ Karen, I will keep you posted!

    @ Old Kitty, Wow since you were 17! The only thing I wanted when I was 17 was a greasy burger from our local burger stand Pete's Fish and Chips! I look forward to learning new recipes!

  6. My resolution is not to eat my young. I'm pretty sure I could take her.