Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirty days of Thanks..

Today I am Thankful for a commentary I heard, on Channel 9 News, Tuesday night. In today's world, where it seems like every religion is OK except Christianity, I have become disheartened with the mainstream media. That was until Tuesday night when Drew Soicher, a Denver sportscaster,   gave a commentary on the new fad, Tebowing.

As I am sure you know, Tebowing is going down on one knee, in a prayer position, mimicking Tebow's (Bronco quarterback) prayer after a Bronco win two weeks ago. Was he the first sports player to offer up prayer after a game, absolutely not.  But, because of his notoriety, fans and people around the country have taken up the act of Tebowing. I guess this means that Planking is gone and forgotten.

I will be the first to admit, I am not a sports fan. I feel players get paid entirely too much for playing a game that does not mean a tiddly darn in the whole scheme of life. Also, I have been embarrassed for the Bronco Organization when one of their star players ends up in the Pokey. However, when Tim Tebow was hired two years ago, I admired his refreshing attitude. Here was a sports figure who was not afraid to acknowledge his Faith and Family, always putting them before his chosen career.  He is grounded, and that is what I like! And yes, I have watched a few of the games this season.

Anyway, back to my story. Tuesday night after hearing Drew Soicher's  commentary on Tebowing,  I almost stood up to applaud, sing the Hallelujah Chorus or dance a jig because I was that impressed with Drew, a member of mainstream media, sticking up for Christianity.



  1. That was a really nice video and I also say AMEN. Like the black cat too.

  2. It is nice to hear stories about people standing up for what they believe in and it is even nice to hear positive stories about athletes!

  3. thank you for today ;)

  4. Great video! Amen to that one.
    Now that is what I think all athelics should represent is this young man. Thank you to the commnetary for standing up for this youngman.