Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thirty days of Thanks.. Day 1

Today I begin the Challenge. I do not know why it is considered a challenge, maybe I should change it to Gift or  Honor.

Today, I am thankful for my Savior!

The Journey Continues

Today's scripture:
When the cloud remained...the Israelites..did not see out. (Numbers 9:19)

This scripture spoke to me. So many times, I have rushed for change instead of waiting for guidance. I have been willing to jump out on my own, instead of sitting still and listening for the words of a path better chosen. These are the times that I have been led in the wrong direction and times when my life took a path that should not have taken.

Be still, listen and wait.....


  1. The "Be Still and KNow I am God" Keeps popping up for me. Hmmm... im, thinking it is because I always want to rush ahead and not wait. Lesson for sure!
    I like the gift!

  2. Shawn,
    Like Bethe, I love the Be Still and Know I am God I am a go getter not a sitter arounder!

    Thank you

    PS Just say a silent prayer for Missy, we do not know the reasoning she quit blogging, but the last time we spoke, she seemed depressed and didn't seem to want to "talk" almost like down deep something is "bugging" her.