Monday, February 14, 2011

Comment on American Women

This morning I received a comment on my last post that I deleted and now I am sorry I did. The  comment was so derogatory to women, American Women, that I did not want to waste the space that it used. Yes, it was a very long comment.
This comment was left anonymously, but then the website address ( was in the body of the, I took a peak at the site.

At first, I was mad as HELL but then I sat back, took a deep breath and realized that his comment was not worth the energy that anger takes . Instead, I feel a deep pity for the writer and will add him to my prayer list.
You may ask, why I pity  him.  The answer is easy, this person must have had a devastating, hurtful encounter with a woman. Now, this experience has turned him against American Women.
Either his mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or ex-wife hurt him to his core. A hurt that was so devastating to his heart, possessions, psyche or something else so deep, that he now has a sour taste for women.
A fact he must have forgotten,  American Women are a composite of many different  cultures.

We are intelligent, strong, beautiful and hard workers. We  multitask and our plates are always full!  We take care of our families both emotionally and financially.
Further more, many women have the sole responsibility of raising their children without a man.  My daughter, Amber,  is one of these women. She gets a whopping  $45 a month for child support! She provides for her daughter in all areas, yet still makes sure her daughter has a positive relationship with her father.

He said we are ignorant, yet many women are SAHM's and have the responsibility of homeschooling their children. Many of these children go on to enter some of the best colleges in the United States.

We are partners in this journey, called life, and will not be dominated by a man.

Yes, we have come a long way in the last sixty years.

My Hubby is sitting here and he just said:
A home without a woman is like a garden without flowers!




  1. Don't worry about such comments, just delete them and move on. I agree with your hubby!

  2. Pfft.. really what I get is school lunches paid for.
    As an American Woman I chose to have a child, and I always understood what that meant. That sometimes I have to give up the things that I want to do, in order to give her what she needs. I don't belong to a bowling league.. LOL... 'Nough said!

  3. How very sad to read this. I am in total admiration of you for finding it in your heart to pray for this man. You are right; he has most likely had such a terrible experience with women that he feels obliged to be immensely bitter in his perception of our kind. So very sad.

    CJ xx

  4. I got the same comment. It also really pissed me off. I just deleted the trash.

  5. The person doesn't even allow comments on his rants and that's what they really are. What a sad person.

  6. Gosh there's an actual blogger using this blog name? Oh dear!! I did see this comment all over other people's blogs but I thought it was just spam gone mad and just ignored it.

    p.s. I'm having such fun playing with your black kitty widget!! :-) Take care

  7. I am not even going to give "it" the time of day by visiting his blog but hats off to you girlfriend for standing up to this coward in a most classy and strong way!
    You goooooooo girl!

  8. Wish you had a like button like facebook does.

  9. Guess it takes all kinds. You've got to feel sorry for folks like this.

  10. Wow. What an obnoxious, chauvinistic coward! He has the huevos to troll all around the blogosphere leaving nasty comments on women's blogs, yet he's disabled the comments feature on his own! C.O.W.A.R.D.

    I almost didn't go and check out his blog, but curiosity got the better of me. That being said, I don't think his hatred is reserved only for American women. It sounds to me like he has a profound disdain for ALL women. His blog makes it clear that he's looking for someone who will be subserviant to him. God help the poor woman who does end up with him! (if that ever happens, that is)

    If he has the nerve to come back and leave any further comments, I hope you report him!

  11. Do not think I will waste my time looking.
    Shawn, one of my favorite all times songs is Proud to be and American. Guess I will just add woman to it:)
    Thank you for your comment on my page and your prayers. It is so wonderful to know so many prayer warriors who have prayed our family through this. My heart aches for the people who have absolutely no hope.

  12. You are an amazingly generous kindhearted person!!!! I am an American but I'm of Irish heritage and oh boy would my Irish be raging in full force if I had gotten a comment like that. (I know - I've just jinxed myself) I will not sully your precious blog with my poisonous thoughts but I can guarantee you I'm having them :-D

    I LOVE the kitty!!!