Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanks

November28, 2010

Today I am Thankful for the quiet of the morning. You see Cecil, the cat, woke me up at 6:10 wanting his breakfast. I decided to get out of bed and let Hubby sleep in. When I went into the kitchen it was completely dark but, within a few minutes,the sun started it's glorious entrance in the East. The sky started turning a crimson color just below the trees outside the patio window. As I watched, the crimson,orange and yellow color began to take over the dark sky. Now, the sky is a vivid blue, not a cloud to be seen, the house remains quiet except for the occasional sound of the heater igniting.

I have always enjoyed getting up early to be alone in the quiet. Even though my children are adults, and I am an empty nester, I enjoy this time to reflect, read, have a cup of coffee and feel the presence of God.

I hope you have a blessed day,


  1. We have our grandson with us and he woke us up at 630am. (He is only 17 months old and sleeps with us) But early morning has always been my favorite time also.

  2. I love it when I wake up before my husband and I can sit and wake up slowly with a hot cup of tea and my journal :-)

  3. I love your new photo! So cute! It is so nice at times to enjoy a quiet morning by yourself, especially with such a beautiful sunrise as you described. Unfortunately we don't often get the brilliant colored sunrises and sunsets here because we live in a canyon with bluffs both east and west. With a houseful of kids and grandkids for the past few days it has been fun to wake up with the little ones who always are excited to get up early.

  4. I enjoy the solitude of early morning too....but I have to force myself to get out of bed. LOL

    Love your new picture! Cute.

  5. I love your new picture and layout!! I don't get to many moments in the early morning. I'm always rushing around trying to get myself ready and get the kids up and going. I think that might be a new goal for me, to enjoy quiet moments and then the hectic ones won't be so bad. Serenity is the key to patience for me!! If that made any sense?
    Love and many hugs

  6. Your picture is so cute! When my 5 yr. old grandson sees any hint of light outside, he is up, and he says it is time to get up because it is light outside!

  7. Thanks for joining us for Making Friends Monday! I am following you back now. We are at it again and hope you can join us! - Leandrea