Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thirty days of Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving to all, may your day be blessed!  

Today I am thankful that I will be spending the day with my family! There will be four of my children  that will not be here so I will post a little about them.

The Collins Family

My son, Aaron, and beautiful daughter (in-law) Kelly are in California. I hope they have a wonderful day and they will be missed mucho!  LOVE YOU! cutie!

What a beautiful couple!


Amber will be spending the day with friends this year. I spoke with her this morning and it feels so good to hear the laughter in her voice. She is one special woman and she learned how to be strong at a very young age! LOVE YOU!

My little Dolly, so many years ago!

In the hospital..Chemo Day.
Amber with her daughter, Jaycie, I will miss you both today!

The Skousen's 

To Wendy, and all of your family, I miss you and hope you have a great day! We have a lot to be Thankful for this year!


I felt wrapped in LOVE!
I am one lucky woman to have my Birth Daughter in my life!

To the Davis know how I feel about you...Love, Love, Love you and miss you Tons!

Kevin, Shawn and Kent!  My brother's were sooooo cute!

Debbie and Kevin
Shawn, the first born, and his bride!

Wish I had a picture of Autumn and her family but these flowers she made do remind me of her!



The little ones..

To all of the Becker Family...Wish we were all spending Thanksgiving together..maybe sometime..  : )))

Some of these people are not in the picture (no pun) anymore but this was a happy time!
Love you all!

To all my friends , may your day be blessed with love and contentment!

Animated overflowing cornucopia


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  1. We have missed you today!! Thank you for the post. We had a very nice Thanksgiving at Davids sisters' house. Lots of food and laughter:) Tomorrow we are headed to Heber and then to Flagstaff. Love you tons!!!