Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks for the Birthday Fun

I want to thank my family for another wonderful birthday! The dinner Friday night  at CB & Potts was fantastic even if we were all freezing in the back room where they put us!Amber and Erin came from the pumpkin patch where they had taken the kids to get their pumpkin's and annual fall pictures. Sorry I did not get off of work in time to join them. Mary, Shawn and Sarah were there but Ryan had a sleep over birthday party to attend. Loved my Hamburger with the many, many calories of fried cheese. Thanks for the gift certificate to the running store, I will use it to buy some winter running garb.
They Brew their own Beer!
Friendly Challenge
Emma Won!
Not this time, Jonah took this one!
Jaycie and Emma enjoying their meal!
Sarah, our Irish lass!
 I can not believe that these were all the pictures I have to share but we were having such a good time laughing and talking I forgot to snap some more.                                                                                                                                                  

After dinner we were off to the Asylum ( spook house) with Shawn, Emma and Jonah. We are the brave ones in the group. Erin, hope you enjoyed your nap in the car!!  The wait was not as long as I thought it would be but it was sure cold standing in line. When we were finally let in, I was leading the pack with Bill bringing up the rear. Jonah kept his hoody over his head and looked down for most of our journey. Emma screamed, I screamed and I could hear Shawn laughing almost the entire time.  When we exited the tent there were a few men standing around, little did we know the fun was really going to start. All of a sudden a man came running from behind us with a chain saw blaring, you have never seen two kids run as fast as they did!! Oh my gosh, it was so funny!  We all enjoyed the spook house and it added another great memory. I can not wait until all the kids are old enough, and brave enough, to join us!

Yesterday Tiff and Jess took me out for lunch. Of course Daylee and Evan were there and I was so surprised to have Amber and Jaycie  join us again! We went to Sweet Tomatoes, one of my favorite places, and I ate so much I was miserable the rest of the day! Daylee and Evan made me the most beautiful birthday cards and you could tell they had put so much thought, and love, into them.

After lunch, Bill took me to Dick's sporting goods to buy some type of  mileage tracker, for my running, but we did not find anything so I will search the net.

It was such a fun Birthday weekend. Last night Aaron called and that just made it perfect! We had a nice chat and even though I could not talk him into running the Chicago marathon with us, we did talk about planning a BIG 60 party for next year.

I love you all!


  1. What an awesome birthday!!! I so wish I could have joined you. You all have such an amazing time when your together!!!!
    I am such a chicken when it comes to haunted houses:( I get scared going into the kiddie ones. So I probably would have been warming the seats in the car with Erin:)
    Love and miss you

  2. I am so glad the birthday festivities were fun!