Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday Hop


My answer to the question do you give out Halloween Candy and if so what kind:

My daughter usually has a Halloween party for the entire family but this year the older  Grand kiddo's want  to be with their friends. Because of this, everyone will be scattered on their side of town. My Hubby and I  are leaving soon to make the rounds and take pictures of the kiddo's in their costumes, then we will head back home! This will be the first time in thirteen years that we have been home to hand out candy and I bought Tootsie Rolls, my favorite right under Candy Corn, to hand out to the little goblins! Hope they will like it and we have a lot  of children show up!


  1. We tried giving out catnip but ended up keeping most of it for ourselves!

  2. My wife hands out Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers, while I spend the entire day following the grandchildren to keep them safe (I also get to haul around everything the kids don't want to carry). Halloween is a marathon!