Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to Work '

Back to work today..after having two weeks off that alarm rang awful early and the music was blaring so loud I jumped about three feet off the bed. I was so excited to see the gang and tell them about my wonderful weekend. I had hoped to open my blog and show them all the pictures we had taken while in Phoenix.

First of all I sat at the computer and tried to log on..Darn I had forgotten my password. I could not believe in only two weeks I could not remember what it was. I tried every one I could think of. Finally, I called Tech Support and reset my password..wrote it down so I would not forget, and logged on, made my way to Google and typed in my web address. Guess what!!  They   ( the higher ups!)  have blocked my access to the blog!!??  GRRRRRRR!!

Now mind you, I can get into Wendy's blog..but mine has been blocked. I have probably logged on three times at work to show my friends and now I am blocked. Can you BELIEVE it...Boy..they have their eyes and ears and noses and everything else watching each little thing we do in the computer. Luckily, I had my phone and was able to link into the website.

All's well that ends well!

Moral of this story....I do not know...maybe quit messing around at work!!!!!    :)

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  1. Man, that is taking the big brother thing a little to far! How dare they, don't they know this is your daughter?!!!! Well at least you can go onto mine! Even though my pictures aren't quite as good as yours.