Sunday, August 29, 2010

Race day

Erin during the Denver marathon
The only focus today is Erin's race. This is the first time Erin has competed in an ironman and her family was not there to support her. I know she has all of her race buddies but it is nice to have family there rooting you on!

One of her many races!
She completed the swim in 1 h 10 min..I always feel better when she is out of the water. now we are tracking her on the internet and hopefully she will soon complete the first leg of the bike.

It is now almost 6pm and we have not been able to track Erin since 2pm and for a mother this is very nerve racking. We worked on the yard, made salsa out of the tomatoes picked from the garden and are now watching a movie. Bill is sleeping, kids are watching the movie and I am stewing. The only communication we have is through Erin's friend, Matt,who is in Canada. Shortly after 4pm Canada time, Erin was six miles into her run and per Matt looked great! I will try to calm down and wait it out..not much else to do.
Erin just completed her race in 12:39 which was much faster than her other ironman races. I am so proud of her and am glad that she is done and safe. I always worry about her until she is done. I hear she looked great at 13 mile run and I know she finished strong! I wish I was there to give her a hug and tell her how proud I am of her and how much I love her
Erin is an inspiration to all..with hard work and perseverance your dreams can come true.


  1. I can't even get on the site:( It keeps freezing up. Still cheering Erin on in spirit, hopefully the vibes are reaching Canada!!!

  2. Way to go Erin!! We are so proud of your accomplishment! You are my hero:)