Monday, October 14, 2013

Today my Granddaughter turns 14!

Happy Birthday


Today Daylee celebrates her 14th Birthday!

I remember the day you were born. 
All of our family was at the hospital, standing outside of the delivery room 
waiting to hear the sound of your first cry!

I can not explain the joy I felt when I first saw you and held you
in my arms!

You were an angel sent from above!

Now you are a beautiful young woman.
You are kind, thoughtful and caring.

You work hard to maintain your excellent grades and
realize the importance of your education.

You have found your niche in volleyball,
I look forward to watching you reach your goals with your
new team.

You are a wonderful daughter to your parents and they are very proud of you.
Even when you have disagreements, as all families do,
remember that they have been through everything that you are experiencing now.
They can be your strongest critics and your biggest champions.
They will always lead you on the right path so trust their advice.

You are a sweet grand daughter and I want you to know how proud I am of you!
I am always here for you....just a phone call away.

When you turned twelve, I wrote you a Birthday post..
Then things I wished for you back then, I wish for you today.


   My hopes and wishes for you:

Always First: I hope you remember how much you are loved!
Remember, friends will come in and out of your life but your family will always be here for you, 
never forget to turn to us in times of need.
I hope you realize what a unique person you are, find your self confidence and let it shine through.
I hope you reach for the stars, remembering that with hard work anything is possible.
I hope you know it is OK to make mistakes, just pick yourself up and learn from them.
I hope you always live in the moment, cherishing everyday.
I hope you always look for the good in others.
I hope you remain strong and do not succumb to peer pressure; be the Leader, not the follower.
I hope you continue to champion for the underdog, as you have in the past.
I hope you realize that people and relationships, not material items, are what is important in life.

I wish for you more smiles than tears,
More sunshine than clouds,
More love than your arms can hold!

......these will always be my wishes for you!

Happy Birthday!!!


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  1. Happy birthday Daylee!!! Hope your day is extra special and wonderful!! Take care