Monday, March 5, 2012

Congratulations Jonah!!

Ok, here I go again!
Just have to do it!
I'm one proud Nana!

Jonah, our soon-to-be newest teenager, swam in the Colorado State 2012 Swim Meet!
Swim clubs from all around the state met in Ft. Collins for this event March 2-4.
Jonah has worked so hard these last few months to improve his technique, and it payed off!
He won 1st Place, in his age group, for the 500 Freestyle!!!!

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Jonah, We are so proud of you. You put in the hard work, and had the determination, to reach your Goal!  Well Done!

Nana and Grandpa Bill


  1. Well done Jonah!! Yay! Take care

  2. YAY Jonah!!!!!!! Wow that brought back memories!

    I swam the 50 meter freestyle in High School (summer team!)...never did the 500...GREAT JOB JONAH!!

    1. Caren,
      I'm so proud. Funny thing..I can't swim!

  3. What great news! His hard work paid off! Good for him.

  4. Congrats to Jonah! Ya know Shawn, even though you said that you don't swim, I think he (and all of your talented grandkiddies) got Nana's athletic genes. :~)


  5. Woo Hoo!!! Great job Jonah!!

    Swimmers just amaze me - there's something almost magical about people who can swim ~ at least in my mind. It's kinda like a plane flying in the middle of the air - it shouldn't be able to hang up there without anything supporting it but it does!! A human body shouldn't be able to move through water - it should sink to the bottom (actually mine does ;-) but yet here these guys are just moving through water by magic!!!

  6. My nephew swam this year in regional and states and next year he'll be off to college. Good job Jonah.

  7. Ok, blogger is messing with me, but I'm going to try again!

    Of course you're proud! I'm proud too and I don't even know him! And Miss E! I just read about her letter below! I love reading all about the grands and the way your pride and love and joy, etc. come shining through in your words.

    Congrats to them both!

  8. Congrats!!! Shawn thank you for the support