Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent! Almost Wordless Wednesday

Today begins the season of Lent a time of sacrifice, repentance and preparation for Easter.

While surfing Facebook yesterday, I saw a notice from the leader of the youth ministry at  church.  He will not post on the the church Facebook page for the next 40 days. Yes friends, he gave up Facebook for Lent. I commend him.

I will leave you with this:


  1. Thank you Shawn for the heartfelt post. This is a time that brings Christians together. Let's pray for peace and to bring our military home. There is so much at stake right now.
    Love and peace.

    1. Thanks for the visit, your comments are always appreciated. Loved your post today and I will continue to pray for peace!

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    1. Thank's for the visit, Frankie and Ernie!

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    1. Karen,
      One of my MANY favorite songs!

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    1. Joyce, glad you enjoyed it..I love it too and never get tired of listening to it!

  5. First of all you guys look so cute in your banner! Just adorable! Lent is one of the times I've very glad I'm not Catholic lol I'm a very religious person, but I know I'm not dedicated enough to give up something I love for that long! Facebook for me though? That would be easy, I think my Facebook friends already think I'm dead!

    Thanks for the post, gives everyone, Catholic or not, something to think about!

    1. Donna,
      I'm Lutheran, not Catholic.
      At church tonight, the children's message ( I get a lot of great info from this MSG) was about picking something to give up for Lent, why we do sacrifice something for 40 days and the ultimate sacrifice given for us. Some of the kids wanted to give up school but all said a big NO to TV!