Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve 2011

New Year Scraps
New Year Orkut Scraps, Glitter Graphics

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  1. I haven't forgotten the websites! Here are a couple to get you started:
    The Coconut Mama:
    Divine Health:
    Real Food Forager:
    Jenn Cuisine:
    Debbi does dinner healthy:

    As always, just read and use what makes sense to you! It gets very easy to adjust your old recipes (and new ones) to suit your new lifestyle once you get used to it! Have fun! And kiss your fibro goodbye!

  2. Oh so nearly 2012!!! Have a great New Year!!! Take care

  3. Alex and I just want to wish you a very happy & healthy new year. May it be filled with only good things. You deserve it!