Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thirty days of Thanks..

On November 1st, I will be starting my Thirty Days of Thanks posts.

Last year, I joined a fellow blogger on her Thirty Days of Thanks challenge. The idea was to set time aside each day to focus on what we were thankful for, then add it to our posts.  I completed her challenge and was a little sad when the thirty days had passed.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that challenge until I was reading Cheryl's (The Prairie Maid), post yesterday. Cheryl is starting a 65 day Journey, her description says " start the year in a better place"!
If you have not met Cheryl, you should hop on over and get to know her.

I will be reading Cheryl's posts for the next 65 days and adding my Thirty Days of Thanks. If you would like to join me, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and begin an enlightening journey.



  1. I am going to take the challenge with you :)

    Hope your doing well.


  2. I am so excited to be counted in on thsi one. What a blessing and treat. So I will just add my thankful at the end of each of my post with Cherly is that how we are going to that?