Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!

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Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!

If any of you have been following since the inception of this blog, you  know that I started it after Wendy, my Birth Daughter, located me through a Search Angel at the end of May 2010.

I was fortunate enough to travel with Amber, my youngest, to Phoenix last year to meet Wendy and her family.  I spent her Birthday with first.. her 42nd!

My thoughts on that "First" Birthday

 So many memories I don't hold in my heart,
so many milestones I missed,
so many years of life I was not there for her.

We will have new memories to make,
Milestones to reach,
...and many years of life that I will be here for her!

Our First day together!

Me, Wendy and Amber!

Her wonderful Mother,  I could never thank her enough!
Her Awesome Dad!

Wendy is an amazing Woman! 
She is a wife, a mother of five, a leader in her Church and a  go getter!  
Wendy's smile lights up a room and she has such a sweet spirit that radiates from her!
Her laugh is infectious and she has the same nose wrinkle, while laughing, that I have!

Since our first meeting, we have been able to make a memory and share a milestone. Hubby and I attended the wedding of Wendy's daughter, Summer!  

Another Milestone for Wendy was meeting my Brother, his wife and some of their children!

Uncle Kevin, Aunt Debbie and the Davis Clan meet

Wendy, Dave and the Skousen Seven -minus one!


I hope you have a wonderful Birthday,

I pray that each year is easier than the last,

I Wish For You

More Sunshine than Clouds,

 More Laughter than Tears,

More Hugs than your Arms can hold!

Love You,
Mom Shawn

"Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years."


  1. This was just beautiful! I didn't know this, what brave and strong women you ALL are! It is amazing how much Wendy resembles Amber.
    It must be wonderful to have everyone together.
    Happy, Happy Birthday Wendy!!

  2. Shawn
    This is very heartfelt I have been following you since OCT last year and your blog is so amazing.

    Happy Birthday Wendy..your birth mom rocks!!!


  3. What a beautiful post! You are so lucky to have time together now:-) And a belated Happy Birthday to Wendy!

  4. I did not know why you started this blog until now. I have been following you for awhile too.
    I am glad that you could be reunited with the daughter you put up for adoption. I am sure that it was the best thing you could have done for her at the time. Maybe you missed 41 years BUT now you can create many more together.


    Peace...Naila Moon

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. You know I have a similar story--only in my case I am the daughter. Isn't it wonderful to make the connection and realize the love that is there and has been all along? I'm so happy for you and Wendy. I pray you have many years together and are able to make many memories.

  6. Awwww happy happy happy happy happy birthday beautiful Wendy!!!! You have an amazing wonderful family! Enjoy your day! Take care

  7. Happy Birthday to the amazing Wendy!

  8. This is sweet...Happy Birthday to Wendy!

  9. What a sweet, sweet post Shawn ~ I can feel your love for Wendy with every word.

    Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to to Wendy. How fortunate you are to have loving family and extended families. We are all a part of one another and the love flows freely no matter how we are separated.
    Love and peace,Manzanita@Wannabuyaduck

  11. Happy birthday to you both! Let me know the next time you're in Phoenix, always want to meet up with fellow bloggers.