Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer's Wedding

Salvatore Vuono /
Last weekend I attend the wedding of Summer and Tarik!  Summer is the eldest of  Wendy ( my birth daughter) and her husband Dave. The wedding was held in Henderson, Nevada at the L.D.S.  Ward on June 3, 2011. 
The most amazing thing about the wedding;  the family planned this wedding in one month. I do not know about you,  but the weddings in our family took one year to save the money to pay for it and make the plans for the wedding and reception.

This was a lovely wedding with about 50 guests followed by a reception which included a light buffet dinner made by the Groom's family!  The bride was beautiful, the groom was beaming and the family members were thrilled at the union of these two young adults!


Time for the Vow's
Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs......
The Brides family!
Proud Mom and Dad with the newlyweds!

The cake was delicious
Make sure you cut it straight!
Yummy Frosting!


  1. It sure looks like everything turned out wonderfully! Yum on the frosting!!!

  2. Wow, and it only took a month.... they need to seel their secrets.....

  3. What a nice wedding, and to think it was done in a month. I like those, no stress, simple, personal and loverly.

  4. Cute picture stealing a taste of the frosting- I love the things kids do at weddings! So glad y'all got to go!

  5. Smiles all around! We were looking forward to seeing these pictures! Lovely Lovely Lovely!

    Jake and Fergi's Moma (I snuck in!)

  6. Love the picture of my son eating the frosting. He had been waiting to do that ALL DAY!! haha. Glad you were able to make it. I will post the pics I took of you and Bill. Then you can steal them off my blog:)

  7. The wedding turned out so good!! Summer said it was perfect, so that made it all worth it:) We were so glad you were able to come, it made it so special to have you and Bill there! Thanks to my sisters and brothers for giving you the opportunity to go:) :) :)
    It was simple but lovely, my cousin had just attended a reception worth about $50,000 and he said that he felt more comfortable at ours! That says a lot, I think.

  8. Amazing what you can accomplish when you have to!! My (first) wedding was planned in about 8 weeks - it was very small and attended by mostly family. My daughter's wedding was kinda big (by my standards) and we had 4 months. The first thing I did was find a wedding planner!!