Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just saw this urgent post on Brian's Blog..

Please Help Lil Em and Sapphire Avoid a “Cat”astrophe

Adopt Cats, we deserve it!
Please Help Lil Em and Sapphire
We are Lil Em and Sapphire and we were adopted from a rescue group in South Carolina four years ago.  Our owner says she wants to make a lifestyle change and that does not include having kitties anymore.  Guess we were really not REAL members of this family.
Our foster had a vet check us out when the rescue received us back and it was ascertained little Sapphire has an enlarged kidney!  What does that mean?  No one seems to know.  She has no outward signs of any problem and uses the litter box and eats and drinks like a normal kitty.  Me, Lil Em checked out fine.  The vet told us to put Sapphire down, however I am  so attached to my sister.  You see, we’ve been together since the womb.
We know it is nearly impossible to find us a home, given the fact that one of us may be sick.  But we are counting on Brian to do his magic and find just one loving individual out there in the blogosphere who would be willing to put their heart and love out there to keep me and Sapphire together.  I’m afraid our only other option is to put Sapphire to sleep if we are not adopted together given her potential diagnosis.
We are currently loving in a garage in South Carolina where the heat index is very hot, with fans blowing.  We have no other place to go.  We have been with other kitties with no problem whatsoever and even a large chocolate lab who we thought was kinda neat.
Please, will you be that person to open your heart and home to keep me and Sapphire together and help us not to have to make that awful decision for Sapphire???  Please help us get our prayer answered.
If you can help, please let Brian know at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com.
Please tell everyone you know and you have permission to copy and paste and cross post often.


  1. I hate people who do that. Anyway, I would love to take them except that there is no way we can afford to do it---our vet bill is ridiculous with only one healthy dog. However, I will put this out to everyone in the area!

  2. I just posted this on a friend of mine's wall. She is a vet and she lives in S.Carolina...(she is the breeder we got Dakota from). I am praying she can help.

  3. Thanks, Pam and Caren, for your help! Hopefully, these two darlings will find a new, loving home.

  4. Shawn,
    Thank you for stopping by I love your background also!!very patriotic. Bob has been falling lately, the last fall being a week ago tomorrow. But took a very bad fall 3 weeks ago Friday causing some severe bruising internally.

    He's doing better now. They put him back on his meds for preventing seizures.

    Rainbow ;)

  5. Thanks so much for helping! We just can't give up for them!

  6. Oh my gosh, I hope someone can take them in :(

  7. OMG.. I didn't see this on Brian's blog... how horrible... How can people do that?

  8. I'm posting also ~ hopefully we'll spread the word to someone who can help.

    HATE people who abandon their animals.