Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday!

I finally picked up our computer but I must say it is not working perfectly. Luckily, it is still under warranty and I will probably take it back for another tune-up soon.

How was your weekend? I hope it was fun, relaxing and you were able to enjoy some quality family time.
Although I did not get a lot done (cleaning), I had a great weekend and it just flew by!

Friday night I wasn't feeling up to parr, and wanted to stay home, so  Hubby went to Ft. Collins to meet our friends for a night of dancing.
Saturday morning I got up early,  ran 7 miles, went shopping then came home and collapsed! Hubby came back to the Condo Saturday afternoon,  right before I left to meet three of my girls for a belated Mother's Day celebration.

Our celebration was fantastic! I just love getting together with my daughters for a night out, no kiddo's, just us so we can catch up, laugh, tell our secrets and just be plain silly!

Like last year, we decided to get a pedicure before we went out to dinner.  We met at the nail salon and thoroughly enjoyed all the pampering we received.
My youngest!

Oldest and the Middle 

Now, I know Middle daughter will have a conniption because I put her picture on here. She had been at her son's baseball tournament all day and "her hair wasn't done".. Oh well,,I think she is beautiful all the time!
No I do not have big boobs, my blouse was puffed out!
Youngest getting the Works! Yes, that is a cute tattoo.

My Piggy Toes....too cute!

After our pampering, we went out for Mexican food. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun talking, I forgot to take any pictures.  Wish I had pictures of the food, just know, it was delicious!

Now for the best part! I opened my card, from these three girls and their brother, and could not believe what they had done. First, I must say, it was way too much as usual!  The gift was an airplane ticket, with rental car and hotel, to Las Vegas for my grand daughter's wedding!

If you have been reading my blog from it's beginning, you know that my Birth Daughter, Wendy,  found me last Memorial Day weekend.   I had to give her up for adoption when I was sixteen years old.  Along with Wendy, I gained her wonderful Hubby and five new Grand Kiddo's!  On June 3rd, the eldest, Summer will be married to her sweetie.  Now, thanks to my thoughtful kids, Hubby and I will be attending her special day.

The gift was such a surprise and I can not thank them enough! Also,  Tiff will be taking care of Winston and Erin will stop by and make sure the cats are OK.

On Sunday Hubby and I went to church, picked up the computer then I went to Em's  dance program.
Before the program..the Mattster peaking between two beauties!
Nothing is better than Grand Kiddo's!

Her dance studio collaborated with another studio to put on a dance event with the proceeds going to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  If you do not know about Matthew, he was a promising young man who was killed thirteen years ago, a victim of a hate crime. The crime was horrific and  is one that will never be forgotten.
The dancers put on an amazing performance and I am sure they all felt good performing for such a worthy cause.  The logo for their program was  Erase Hate!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if someone would wave the magic wand..and all HATEwas ERASED!


  1. this sounds like such a wonderful time spent with your girls...lucky lady!!!

  2. You all sure did have a great time! That is one terrific gift they got you too!!!

  3. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! And, yes, it would be great if there was a wand to take away all the hate.

  4. Shawn
    so glad you had a great time, it looks very nice and relaxing. :)
    Everything is good here, I had to drop the other blog as somebody was sticking their nose in trying to cause problems.

    PS Tiger and I are doing great he's a little under the weather so keep him in your prayers

  5. Hurray for piggy toes! Mom, me, and oldest daughter have 'em, too.
    I need to go back and read your posts about Wendy. How blessed you are to have her and grandkiddos in your life! Your cup runs over.
    Still waiting for our grandbaby-3 days overdue. blessings, k

  6. What a wonderful weekend with your clan! And how sweet are those kids of yours to make sure you get to Summer's wedding?? What a loving and selfless gift!

    Sadly, I remember the Matthew Shepard murder... Just horrible. I will never understand the intolerance and hate that some people have for those who are different than they are.... I just can't wrap my brain around it. It's just so heartwarming that your grandaughter's team chose this as their cause.

    Sorry you didn't feel well the other night. Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

    ~Mrs B

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  8. I love all the pictures including those of your cute feet and your "boobs"! Hahahaha. So glad you have such loving thoughtful daughters that are enabling you to get to come to Vegas for Summer's wedding. All your goodness has certainly rubbed off on them. We're looking forward to seeing you then.