Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Trip to the American Girl Doll Store!!!

Today was Girl's Day Out!
Four Girl's enjoying a beautiful Spring day.
One little girl had to make a very hard decision.
So many dolls to choose from...
A little girls dream store!

Miss S..the decision maker.
Two older cousins..along for support.
She searched up, and down, every aisle. She looked at every doll in the store, then narrowed it down to two.
Would she pick Emily, a doll with a story book, or #17 a Look Like Me doll.  She sat on the floor, studying each doll and then very quickly the decision was made...
a Look Like Me Doll.
This doll has red hair and blue eyes, just like Miss S!

You may ask, what was the deciding factor..this dolly has an interactive game on the computer.

She will log on to this site.

The sales person told us Miss S will be able to log on to the above site, register her doll,  then the image of her doll will pop up on the screen.  She will be able to play games with the doll, bake with her and have a great interactive time on the computer. They did not have a demo, but it sold Miss S.

After we finally got through in the store, it was off to lunch! We were all very hungry and right next to the store was a "American Girl Doll..Friendly" restaurant. 
In New York, where we took the older girls, the Doll store had a restaurant with unbelievable  food.

Two years ago in New York

We had such a great time!

The decor, food and service was amazing!
Even though the American Girl Store, in Denver, does not have a restaurant,  The White Chocolate Grill was fantastic!

Wonderful Food.. every dessert on the menu had White Chocolate!
Waiting for our table.
Yes, even the doll gets a booster seat.

Dolly had to look at the menu too!

Jay and Miss S
Nana and the soon to be 14 year old!

As usual, I forgot to take pictures of our meal. I remembered after I had nearly devoured my....
Portobello Mushroom( to die for) sandwich!
EM..enjoying a burger

Jay loved the French Fries!

Three happy Girls and one new baby doll!
I hope you had a wonderful day......
I know I did!


  1. Yes indeed, it sounds like you had a MARVELOUS day!

  2. Awww what a great day indeed!! Looks like you had a fantastic time! I really enjoyed your pictures!!!

    Come over and visit...I have a surprise for you!

  3. What a great day. I hope I can do that with a granddaughter some day. She made a great choice and I love the restaurant having seating for the doll.

  4. Precious pics! I wish we had one of those stores near here.

  5. I love American Girl Dolls. I have been to the one in Chicago and LA.

  6. Looks like so much fun! My little one received a Bitty Baby two years ago for Christmas and I can't wait till she is a little older and gets a doll. We have an American Girl store in Atlanta and I can't wait to take her.

  7. What a special day!!! The girls are so lucky to have you as their Nana!! (And so are mine)!!! Love you so much:)

  8. I loved this! My girls had American Girl Dolls just as they were coming out...there was no store back then and it was before Mattel bought them. But when they were home for the Christmas break in 2009 we were in NYC and we all went in the store there. I still love the dolls and all the paraphernalia that goes with...I'm saving it for future granddaughters : )

  9. It sounds like you had a great time!!! I wish I would have gotten to go there when I was younger (the one in NY I mean). I didn't know that they had other ones other than the one in NY.

  10. Look at all those smiles, what a day fur sure!!!